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Our famous bath towels and hand towels are available in a variety of textures and fibres including the finest combed cotton for softness, and luxurious Egyptian cotton with high loop pile for maximum softness and absorbency.  We are also famous for our environmentally friendly bamboo blended towels offering a silk-like feel that is incredibly absorbent. Five great bath towels make up our core range, available all year round.  In addition to this, seasonal towels are released each year and are available for a limited time each season. We test all our towels for absorbency, shrinkage and linting, so you can be sure your favourite towels will offer high performance for years to come. 


Did you know?

Wash your towels prior to their first use 
Washing your towels will help to remove any residual finishing treatments such as softeners, making the towel more absorbent. It also opens up the fibres of the loops which removes any loose fibres, as well as tightening the base yarns, which makes the towel more stable, and the pile fuller.


All towels will lint to some degree in the first few washes, afterwards this will subside considerably. This is a natural process that removes the loose fibres created during the manufacturing process. Putting towels through the tumble dryer on a warm setting will help to remove most traces of lint, and will also make the pile soft and fluffy.


Do not bleach 
Towels must never be exposed to bleach or other common chemicals containing bleaching agents such as some cosmetics, make-up removers, face washes and creams, as well as hair dyes. These products can bleach the colour out of your towels, but this won’t be apparent until you wash them (as washing activates the bleach, leaving your towels with a blotched appearance).


Avoid fabric softener
Fabric softener should never be used when washing towels as it leaves a filmy residue that coats the towel fibres and reduces absorbency. Due to the chemical nature of fabric softeners, these products also decrease the fibre strength, causing the towel to deteriorate more quickly and continue to lint.


Do not iron
There is no need to iron bath towels or hand towels as it flattens the pile and reduces its performance.


Do not pull snags
As towels are woven (and not knitted), any snags in the pile should be cut off, not pulled out. Cutting will not affect the base yarns or cause the towel to come apart.


Tumble dry on warm 
After drying towels on the line, toss them into the tumble dryer (while they are still damp) on warm, and they will remain fluffy while stored until their next use.

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