An Australian Christmas

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Christmas in Australia coincides with summer, which means our traditions have been altered to suit our warm and sunny climate. For many, Christmas Day marks the start of summer holidays and is a time to relax and enjoy time outside with family and friends.


But what really makes an Australian Christmas?


Read on as we share how to celebrate an Australian Christmas this summer…


The Outdoor Aussie Table


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One of our favourite memories of Christmas is hot, summer days spent outdoors, and there’s something so intrinsically Australian about dining outside for Christmas lunch.


So when you’re putting together your Christmas table, don’t forget to make it outdoor friendly.


Every summer table needs sturdy and easy-care melamine tableware, and our beautifully patterned Moja tableware, with its gorgeous native flora, is perfect for an Australian Christmas outdoors. Keep the colour palette light and bright by adding complementary napery and glassware.


Create the perfect centrepiece using a vase filled with native Australian greenery and pair it with our Snowy Mistletoe Garland to run down the table centre.


Finally, it wouldn’t be Christmas without Bon Bons and a small decorated tree to add that festive touch.


With the table all set, whether you’re celebrating over a cold Christmas dinner or a barbecue with seafood (… prawns and lobsters – yum!), just make sure you have enough for leftovers!


Embrace Native Australiana


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Australian style doesn’t have to be all about ‘Paul Hogan’ or ‘Austen Tayshus’… it can be as simple as decorating your house with native Australian flora including our signature eucalyptus, wattle and kangaroo paw. Perfect draped across a sideboard or mantelpiece, elements of native greenery inject an Australiana feel for a look that’s inherently ours.


For a fresh, modern take on Christmas, use a palette of mint, apple green, teal, and white, highlighted by light neutral and silver accents. Pair with natural wood and lush greenery for a summery feel.


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The Great Outdoors


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Whether the setting is formal or relaxed, at the beach or out camping, make sure you settle in for a few days and really make your holiday time count!


Spending time with family and friends is one of our favourite ways to relax over the summer season, and here in Australia, we’re lucky to be able to celebrate in the great outdoors.


Comfort is essential as you idle away the hours, so be sure to invest in plenty of outdoor chair pads and cushions. We love a mix of patterns and styles, but have kept the colour palette fresh and summery to go with the beachside, Australian summer vibe. A hammock is a must-have for ultimate relaxation (and the perfect place for snoozing away that afternoon food-coma!). As day turns to dusk, a few lanterns scattered throughout will ensure the celebrations continue into the night.


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Most importantly, remember to spend the time with family and friends, whichever way you choose to celebrate an Australian Christmas!