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How to Style a Traditional Christmas Table

If you’re hosting Christmas this year, it’s never too early to start thinking about the Christmas table – and year after year, we can’t go past a classic look. Find out how to set a traditional Christmas table the whole family will love.

Traditional Charm

Forever in style, a traditional Christmas table creates a classic feel and captures that quintessential heritage look we find so nostalgic.

Our twist on traditional embraces classic cherry reds paired with festive gold hues and hints of blush for a look that feels modern yet merry.

The Essential Ingredients

Layering your table linen and crockery is a great way to instantly create an eye-catching, sophisticated style. To keep the look traditional, we’ve used a simple red and white stripe tablecloth as our base and layered with playful Christmas motif plates and bowls for a touch of festive charm. A palette of white, red, and green is continued throughout the table with matching glassware and decorations, keeping the setting consistent and coordinated.

The Decorative Touches

With the table set to impress, it’s time to have some fun with your decorating.

A mixture of ceramic Christmas trees, small bristle trees and sophisticated tea-light holders add a festive touch to the table, without feeling overcrowded. Finish with a show-stopping centrepiece to add some height and interest. Top off a cracking Christmas with a few bon bons scattered on the table.

Make it Merry!

Along with bon bons, ornaments and decorations, novelty items like Christmas hats, headbands, glasses, and toys are a great way to bring a touch of festivity to your Christmas table – for both adults and kids.

Shop the Look

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Choosing Your Towels: The Ultimate Guide

There’s nothing better than stepping out of a warm shower and wrapping yourself up in a soft and fluffy bath towel. Yet with so many options out there, it can be a little confusing trying to find the right towel for your bathroom. Before you throw in the towel, here are some things to look out for when choosing the best option for you.

Bath TowelsBath Towels

The perfect bath towel for you will ultimately come down to your personal preferences surrounding texture, feel, and style. However, different fabric compositions have different advantages. To help you find a towel to match your daily routine, we’ve broken down our core range by weight and fabric, listing the main benefits of each.

Bath TowelsBath Towels

What is GSM?

GSM stands for ‘grams per square meter’ and is the unit of measurement for a towel's weight and density. Generally, the higher the GSM, the thicker, plusher, and more absorbent the towel. Lower GSM towels are lighter in weight and tend to dry faster than high GSM towels.

550 - 580 GSM

600 GSM

630 - 650 GSM

Cotton Bath Towels

Perfect for Everyday

Naturally soft and absorbent, cotton is the perfect fibre for making soft, durable, and absorbent bath towels.

Our towels are made from combed cotton, which simply means that the fibres are combed to remove any shorter fibres. This process leaves behind the longest and strongest fibres which are then spun into yarn and woven into a more durable and absorbent towel, less susceptible to linting.

Cotton towels are also easy to care for and perfect for everyday use. They provide high absorbency and softness while being available in a wide variety of colours, styles, and weaves.

Boston Bath Towels

580gsm, Combed Cotton, Double Yarn, Ribbed Pile

The classic rib texture and borderless design of our Boston towels will add a clean, simple style to your bathroom. These towels are woven from combed cotton using double yarn loops, which gives fullness and an even texture to the pile.

Available in a wide range of colours and sizes, our Boston range is an everyday favourite.

Boston Bath TowelBoston Bath Towel
Wythe Waffle Bath TowelWythe Waffle Bath Towel

Wythe Bath Towels

580gsm, Combed Cotton, Double Yarn Looped Pile

Our Wythe towels feature a contemporary classic woven waffle texture adding timeless style to your bathroom. Made from pure combed cotton using a double yarn construction, allowing for greater absorbency and less shedding due to the even twisting of the yarn.

Perfect for those who want texture and timeless style, these towels are available in a waffle style with a smooth border, or in an even pile surface with a waffle border for a hint of texture. Mix and match both styles for an individual and versatile look.

Kinsley Bath Towels

580gsm, Combed Cotton, Double Yarn

Featuring a stylish contemporary pattern, our Kinsley towels will add a touch of texture to your bathroom. Made with a double yarn construction to give fullness to the pile, these towels are absorbent and will maintain their appearance after washing and tumble drying.

With its textured pattern and smooth border detail, Kinsley is available in a range of colours to suit any bathroom.

Kinsley Bath TowelKinsley Bath Towel
Tasman Bath TowelTasman Bath Towel

Tasman Bath Towels

600gsm, Combed Cotton, Low Twist

This contemporary textured towel is made using an open low-twist cotton yarn which results in a softer handle. The open loop allows these towels to retain their softness after washing and tumble drying, meaning both you and your towel will dry faster!

Made from pure combed cotton, these towels are extra soft and feature a subtle panel design for a touch of style.

Devon Bath Towels

580gsm, Combed Cotton, Low Twist

Our Devon towels are constructed using a special spinning technique and woven using a combination of Egyptian cotton and combed cotton yarns. The Egyptian cotton provides softness and less lint to the pile, while the special open loop spinning technique adds to the high loft and soft handle. As a result, this towel will retain its softness and texture after washing.

These towels feature a modern, geometric pattern, produced by weaving an alternating drop pile and high pile for a defined textural look.

Devon Bath TowelDevon Bath Towel

Bamboo Bath Towels

Silk-Like Softness

Innovatively transformed into a luxurious yarn, bamboo is fast becoming a regular fibre in towel production. Our Bamboo towel range has been crafted using a luxurious blend of natural cotton and bamboo.

Renowned for its silk-like softness and beautiful lustre, bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial and mould resistant, offering moisture wicking and hypoallergenic properties. Our Bamboo towels perfectly maintain their silk-like softness after washing and tumble drying.

Great for those who love premium luxury at an affordable price, our bamboo towels can be enjoyed by allergy sufferers and families alike.

Bamboo Bath TowelBamboo Bath Towel

Bamboo Cotton Towels

600gsm, 60% Cotton, 40% Bamboo, Single Yarn

Made from a blend of combed cotton and bamboo yarns, our Bamboo towel has a beautiful texture and lustre. Bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic, while also offering superior absorbency, making this range ideal for any family home.

The finished pile has a silk-like feel and is incredibly soft and absorbent. Available in a range of colours and sizes, including a bath towel, bath sheet, hand towel, and face washer.

Egyptian Cotton Bath Towels

The Ultimate Indulgence

Considered to be of superior quality, Egyptian cotton is known for its excellent lustre, durability, absorbency, and luxurious softness.

Our range of certified Egyptian Cotton towels are made from the finest, long-staple Giza 86 Egyptian cotton (the highest-grade cotton produced in Egypt). Giza 86 Egyptian cotton is a specific form of Egyptian Cotton which is grown close to the Nile River, giving the cotton special characteristics due to the unique climatic and nutrient-rich environment.

This yarn is expertly woven to produce a towel with a longer, plusher pile and greater weight component per square metre. All Giza cotton is hand-picked which helps keep the cotton cleaner and results in a longer and stronger fibre.

When these factors are combined, the result is a fabulous towel offering longevity, high absorbance, superior performance, and a luxuriously plush feel.

Egyptian Indulgence Bath Towels

630gsm, Certified Egyptian Cotton, Single Yarn High Looped Pile 

Woven using the finest grade Egyptian Cotton pile, our Egyptian Indulgence towels are luxurious, soft, and highly absorbent. Both luxurious and practical, these towels are finished a classic border and available in a range of colours to complement any bathroom style.

Egyptian Indulgence Bath TowelEgyptian Indulgence Bath Towel
Egyptian Bliss Bath TowelEgyptian Bliss Bath Towel

Egyptian Bliss Bath Towels

550gsm, Certified Egyptian Cotton, Low Twist

Our Egyptian Bliss bath towel is woven using the finest grade Giza 86 Egyptian Cotton in an open low-twist yarn. This results in a more luxurious, soft, and highly absorbent towel. Known for its lustre, durability & absorbency, this towel is the lightest option in our Egyptian cotton range.

Egyptian Luxury Bath Towels

650gsm, Certified Egyptian Cotton, Single Yarn High Looped Pile

Woven from the finest certified Giza 86 Egyptian Cotton pile, our Egyptian luxury towels are luxuriously soft and highly absorbent. Giza 86 Egyptian cotton is the highest-grade Egyptian Cotton used in towel production. Spun into the finest quality yarn; it offers the highest level of fibre strength, length, and uniformity. This is our highest GSM towel, making it perfect for those looking for a wonderfully thick and plush option.

Egyptian Luxury Bath TowelEgyptian Luxury Bath Towel

Towels for Bathroom Styling

The towels above make up our core range, available all year round. In addition to these, seasonal towels are released each year and are available for a limited time only. These towels are available in a wide variety of patterns, prints, colours, and weaves, allowing you to find the perfect option for your bathroom retreat.

Towels can add that perfect finishing touch to your bathroom and are easily interchangeable, giving you the freedom to update your style regularly.

Introduce some colour, texture, or pattern, focusing on just one element, or make a statement by combining all three. Our favourite way to inject some personality and change into the bathroom is to refresh the look as the seasons change.

Novelty Bath TowelsNovelty Bath Towels
Ama Bath Towel ClayAma Bath Towel Clay
Bamboo Bath TowelBamboo Bath Towel

Care Tips

Once you’ve chosen your towels, you’ll want to keep them performing at their best. Follow our tips below to keep your towels looking and feeling like new:

- Wash prior to first use

- Wash whites, colours, and prints separately

- Avoid fabric softeners, bleach, and products with benzoyl peroxide as they can reduce absorbency, feel, and colouring

- Tumble drying is the best way to rejuvenate the pile, keeping it full, open, and absorbent. Either toss your towels in the dryer straight from the washing machine or while they are still damp after line drying on a warm heat setting

Introduce the Perfect Towel to Your Bathroom

Most of our towels come in a bath towel, hand towel, and face washer, with some also being available in a bath mat and bath sheet (an extra-large bath towel).

Shop the range online or in store today to transform your bathroom into your very own oasis.

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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Your Bed Sheets

How To Choose Your Perfect Bed Sheets

Selecting the right sheet set can completely transform the look and feel of your bed, while also improving the quality of your sleep. To help you narrow in on the perfect sheets for you, we’ve pulled together all the information you need about fabric, thread count, cotton weaves, and pattern.

How to Choose your Bed SheetsHow to Choose your Bed Sheets

What is the best fabric for sheets?

The right fabric for sheets ultimately comes down to personal preference. When searching for the best option for you, consider your preferences when it comes to texture, fabric, and temperature.

How do you want your sheets to feel? Are you a hot sleeper or a cold sleeper? Do you want sheets that will keep you cool or warm you up? Is there a particular fabric composition that you find most comfortable? These questions will help point you in the right direction to find the best sheet set for you.

Cotton Bed SheetsCotton Bed Sheets

Cotton Sheets

Breathable & Light

The most popular choice for sheets, cotton is light, breathable, and absorbent. It is also naturally temperature regulating, absorbing heat from your body and drawing it away from the skin. This acts like a natural thermostat, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter. Cotton is also naturally hypoallergenic, making it a great choice for those with sensitive skin or allergies.

These sheets are available in a variety of weaves and blends, including cotton percale (square weave), lustrous cotton sateen, brushed cotton, flannelette, linen/cotton, polyester/cotton, and bamboo/cotton.

Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Durable & Luxurious

Egyptian cotton is softer and more durable than any other cotton variety. Certified by the Cotton Egypt Association, our Egyptian cotton sheets are known for their softness, lustre, and durability - providing hotel-luxury right at home. The are also absorbent and breathable, making them a great option for year-round use.

Egypt has the perfect growing conditions for cotton due to its climate and nutrient-rich soil, producing strong, long-staple fibres. This in turn means that finer, more durable textiles can be woven using this cotton variety. 

Egyptian Cotton Bed SheetsEgyptian Cotton Bed Sheets
Bamboo SheetsBamboo Sheets

Bamboo Sheets

Lightweight & Eco-Friendly

Our bamboo sheets, crafted from a combination of cotton and bamboo fibres, offer a wonderfully soft and silky feel. Combining the natural benefits of both fibres, these sheets are smooth, lightweight, and durable. They are also highly breathable and absorbent, helping you keep an even temperature while you sleep.

Bamboo is fast growing and renewable, being a water efficient plant that regenerates rapidly, making it an environmentally friendly resource.

Flannelette Sheets

Soft & Warm

Our cotton flannelette is the perfect companion through cold winter nights. With its soft, cosy touch, our flannelette sheets have been brushed on both sides giving the fabric a lovely softness to keep you snuggly and warm.

The ultimate winter sheets, our flannelette bed linen is available in a range of colours and in-house prints, allowing you to find the perfect option for you.

Flannelette SheetsFlannelette Sheets
Linen Bed SheetsLinen Bed Sheets

Linen Sheets

Long-lasting & Relaxed

Lightweight and textural, linen is soft to the touch and distinctively luxurious. Our linen range is made from natural linen yarn spun from flax plants, grown in regions of France. A luxurious, long-lasting fabric that softens over time, linen gives a natural, relaxed look and is the perfect year-round sheet.

Combining the benefits of both fabrics, our linen cotton blend sheet sets are perfect for everyday use. Linen gives texture and substance while cotton adds stability and durability, creating a fabric that will soften with age.

Cotton Weaves

A cotton base cloth can be constructed using a number of different weaves, resulting in a variety of different finishes. The way a cotton sheet is woven will determine whether it is light and crisp, silky and smooth, or soft and cosy.

Cotton Percale / Square Weave

Crisp & Cool

Our most common cotton weave, our lightweight cotton percale sheets are woven in a uniform square weave construction. This creates a strong and durable fabric with a smooth, matte finish - a great choice for comfort and longevity.

Cotton Sheet SetCotton Sheet Set
Cotton Sheet SetCotton Sheet Set

Cotton Sateen

Smooth & Lustrous

If you love a silky-smooth feel, opt for cotton sateen sheets. Our sateen cotton sheets, woven with longer threads sitting across the surface of the fabric, are smooth and lustrous with a silk-like finish. This results in a lovely soft drape and a luxurious, smooth feel.

Cotton Flannelette

Snuggly & Warm

If you love a warm and cosy feel, cotton flannelette sheets are for you. Woven from soft spun cotton yarns which are then brushed on both sides, flannelette keeps you snuggly and warm in the coldest of weather.

Flannelette Bed LinenFlannelette Bed Linen

What is a Thread Count?

The thread count of a fabric is determined by the number of threads woven together within a specified area. This consists of the yarns woven both vertically (warp) and horizontally (weft). In Australia we use the metric system, so the thread count reflects the yarns counted within 10cm square.

What Thread Count is Best for Sheets?

It is generally accepted that the higher the thread count the better the fabric quality. However, the quality of the yarn is also an important factor. The finer the yarn, made from longer cotton fibres (staple), coupled with a high thread count results in the best quality sheets.

Cotton Sheet SetCotton Sheet Set

It is generally accepted that the higher the thread count the better the fabric quality. However, the quality of the yarn is also an important factor. The finer the yarn, made from longer cotton fibres (staple), coupled with a high thread count results in the best quality sheets.

While higher thread count sheets may be considered more luxurious due to their drape and density, there are benefits for higher and lower thread count sheets depending on your preferences.

Lower thread count sheets (200 – 300 thread count) are usually lighter and cooler. Medium thread count sheets (300 – 500 thread count) tend to feel lightweight and soft. Higher thread count sheets (500 – 1000 thread count and 1200 thread count) usually have a fuller drape and more decadent feel due to the higher density of yarn in the fabric.

Bed SheetsBed Sheets
Milano Linen SheetsMilano Linen Sheets

Sheet Size & Depth

If you have a thicker mattress with extra cushion or a pillow top, you may require extra deep sheets.

Designed to fit queen and king beds with that little bit of extra height, our deep fitted sheets allow you to fit your sheet over your mattress with ease, avoiding that weekly wrestle.

 Our Morgan & Finch sheet sets all have a 37cm or 40cm depth to fit most modern mattresses, but if you need an extra deep sheet, keep a look out for our range of 50cm Extra Deep Queen and Extra Deep King Sheet Sets. Some are sold in sets, and some are sold individually depending on the sheets selected.

Deep Fitted SheetsDeep Fitted Sheets
Pattern Bed SheetsPattern Bed Sheets

Patterned Sheets

Introduce a splash of colour to your bedroom with a patterned sheet set. Pair your chosen sheet set with a solid quilt cover to bring a touch of pattern and interest to your bedroom style or coordinate it with a patterned quilt cover for a complementary look!

Most of our pattered sheet sets are made from a 250 thread count cotton for a lighter and softer drape. Don’t be afraid to get creative and mix or match.

Refresh your bed with the perfect sheets

Now that you know your options, shop the range to find the right sheet set for you. 

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How to Choose Your Perfect Pillow

To make your pillow search easier, and hopefully bring an end to stiff necks and sleepless nights, we’ve broken down the basics of what to look for when searching for the right pillow for you - whether you're a front sleeper, side sleeper, or back sleeper.


High loft, low loft, medium density, soft, firm, natural fill, wool blend, microfibre, memory foam… Is your head spinning as much as ours?!

Put simply, a pillow is designed to fill the space between the mattress and where your head should align, supporting the natural curvature of your spine. This gap will vary in width depending on the position you tend to sleep in. Therefore, different types of sleepers should have different types of pillows.

To help you pick your pillow, we’ve selected the ideal pillow for four main sleeping groups: Back Sleepers, Stomach Sleepers, Side Sleepers, and those that can’t quite decide… we’ll call them Combination Sleepers.

  Side Sleepers Back Sleepers Stomach Sleepers Combo Sleepers
Profile Medium to High Medium Low Medium

Medium to Firm

Medium to Firm

Soft to Medium


Standard or Contour

Standard or

Standard Standard

The Best Pillow for Side Sleepers

Pillow Profile: Medium - High
Pillow Density: Medium - Firm

Side sleepers have the largest gap to fill between where their shoulder rests on the mattress and where their head should naturally sit. Because of this, side sleepers should look for a high loft or high-profile pillow. Low profile or low loft pillows will cause your neck to bend at an uncomfortable angle, resulting in potential headaches, neck pain, and low-quality sleep.

For side sleepers who prefer a firmer pillow

Wool Blend PillowWool Blend Pillow

Wool Blend Pillow

- Medium to High Profile
- Medium Softness
- Made from Wool and Polyester
- Cotton Japara Cover
- 900 grams
- Absorbent
- Durable
- Hypoallergenic

Memory Foam High Profile Pillow

- Firm
- High Profile
- Excellent Support
- 1300gsm
- Resilient
- Hypoallergenic
- Memory Foam Core Contours to Head and Neck
- Removable Cotton Sateen Cover
- Air before use

High Profile Memory Foam PillowHigh Profile Memory Foam Pillow

For side sleepers who prefer a softer pillow

Microfibre PillowMicrofibre Pillow

Microfibre Pillow

- Medium Profile
- Medium Softness
- Hypoallergenic
- Cotton Japara Cover
- 800 grams
- Soft and Lightweight
- Great alternative to feather/down for allergy sufferers

The Best Pillow for Back Sleepers

Pillow Profile: Medium
Pillow Density: Medium - Firm

If you’re someone who sleeps on your back, it’s important to make sure your head isn’t raised too high off the mattress. Pillows with a high profile can push your head forward and create an unnatural curve in your spine which will, once again, impact your sleep and potentially lead to headaches and neck pain. To maintain the natural curve of your spine, try either a firm, medium-loft pillow or invest in a high-loft, soft pillow that your head can sink into. Avoid high-loft, firm pillows!

For back sleepers who prefer a firmer pillow

As the gap between your body and the mattress is only small when you sleep on your back, a low to medium profile pillow is ideal. Memory foam pillows are perfect for back sleepers as they provide support without too much loft.

With a medium loft and density, the polyurethane core of our Memory Foam Medium Profile Pillow temporarily contours to the shape of your head to provide comfort and support while you sleep. Our Memory Foam Contour Pillow also has raised, curved edges to perfectly contour to the back of your head and neck, providing excellent support for back sleepers.

Medium Profile Memory Foam Pillow

- Firm
- Medium Profile
- Excellent Support
- 1200gsm
- Resilient
- Hypoallergenic
- Memory Foam Core Contours to Head and Neck
- Removable Cotton Sateen Cover
- Air before use

Medium Profile Memory Foam PillowMedium Profile Memory Foam Pillow
Memory Foam Contour PillowMemory Foam Contour Pillow

Memory Foam Contour Pillow

- Firm
- Raised, curved edges to contour to head & neck
- Excellent support
- 1000gsm
- Resilient
- Hypoallergenic
- Memory Foam Contours to Head and Neck
- Removable Cotton Sateen Cover
- Air before use

For back sleepers who prefer a softer pillow

Soft goose down and feather will allow your head to naturally sink into the pillow while maintaining enough loft to keep your head supported. Extra soft and plush, our Luxury Goose Down and Feather Pillow is filled with a minimum 80% goose down. The higher ratio of down to feather means that the down clusters will expand naturally to their spherical shape, creating a luxuriously soft and supportive feel.

Classic Goose Feather Pillow

- Low to Medium Profile
- Soft and Lofty
Filled with White Goose Feather
- 900 grams
- Cotton Japara Cover

Classic Goose Feather PillowClassic Goose Feather Pillow
Platinum Duck Surronud PillowPlatinum Duck Surronud Pillow

Platinum Duck Surround Pillow

- Medium Profile
- Medium Softness
- Feather core with down surround
- Cotton Japara Cover
- Soft yet supportive
- 900 grams
- Minimum 80% down

Luxury 80% Goose Down Pillow

- Low to Medium Profile
- Luxuriously Soft and Lofty
- Minimum 80% Goose Down Filling
- Cotton Japara Cover
- 600 grams
- High percentage of down results in fewer quills & lighter, softer feel 

Luxury Goose Down PillowLuxury Goose Down Pillow
Microfibre PillowMicrofibre Pillow

Microfibre Pillow

- Medium Profile
- Medium Softness
- Hypoallergenic
- Cotton Japara Cover
- 800 grams
- Soft and Lightweight
- Great alternative to feather/down for allergy sufferers

The Best Pillow for Stomach Sleepers

Pillow Profile: Low
Pillow Density: Soft-Medium

Stomach sleepers require a low-profile or low-loft pillow to keep their back in a neutral position. As there’s only a small space between the mattress and where your head should rest, a thinner pillow will ensure your head and neck isn’t twisted into an awkward position.

While a low, soft pillow is generally recommended for front sleepers, a low-profile memory foam may also be suitable for those who prefer something a little firmer. It’s important to ensure you select a thinner memory foam pillow to avoid your head angling upwards.

Classic Goose Feather Pillow

- Filled with White Goose Feather
- 900 grams
- Cotton Japara Cover
- Soft and Lofty

Classic Goose PillowClassic Goose Pillow
Hollowlight PillowHollowlight Pillow

Hollowlight Pillow

- Low to Medium Profile
- Soft and Light
- Gentle support
- Washable
- Hypoallergenic
- 600 grams
- Cotton cover, polyester filling
- Great for display pillows

Luxury 80% Goose Down Pillow

- Low to Medium Profile
- Luxuriously Soft and Lofty
- Minimum 80% Goose Down Filling
- Cotton Japara Cover
- 600 grams
- High percentage of down results in fewer quills & lighter, softer feel

Luxury Goose Feather PillowLuxury Goose Feather Pillow

The Best Pillow for Combination Sleepers

Pillow Profile: Medium
Pillow Density: Medium


If you’re someone who changes up their sleeping position from night to night, or throughout the night, you need a pillow that can support you through the tossing and turning.

We recommend avoiding memory foam. Naturally, if you’re moving throughout the night, you want a pillow that can adapt with you. Memory foam contours to the shape of your head and neck, meaning when you change positions it can take a little while to reshape. This can result in discomfort and put the head at an awkward angle if you’re switching from your back to your side, or your side to your front.

To keep you comfortable, a high-loft, soft pillow or medium-loft, firm pillow may be the best option for you.

For combination sleepers who prefer a firmer pillow

Try a Wool Blend pillow. With the perfect balance of medium loft and medium softness, a wool pillow will keep its shape as you move throughout the night while being adaptable enough to retain the alignment of your spine.

Wool Blend PillowWool Blend Pillow

Wool Blend Pillow

- Medium to High Profile
- Medium Softness
- Made from Wool and Polyester
- Cotton Japara Cover
- 900 grams
- Absorbent
- Durable
- Hypoallergenic

For combination sleepers who prefer a softer pillow

A Microfibre, Down, or Feather pillow may be for you. These fills are soft and adaptable, meaning your pillow will adjust quickly and easily to however you’re sleeping.

Microfibre Pillow

- Medium Profile
- Medium Softness
- Hypoallergenic
- Cotton Japara Cover
- 800 grams
- Soft and Lightweight
- Great alternative to feather/down for allergy sufferers

Microfibre PillowMicrofibre Pillow
Platinum Duck PillowPlatinum Duck Pillow

Platinum Duck Surround Pillow

- Medium Profile
- Medium Softness
- Feather core with down surround
- Cotton Japara Cover
- Soft yet supportive
- 900 grams
- Minimum 80% down

Pillows by Profile & Density

 Pillow Fabrication: Profile (low, medium, high): Softness (soft, medium, firm):
Platinum Duck Surround Medium Medium
Hollowlight Low - Medium Soft
Medium Profile Memory Foam Medium Firm
High Profile Memory Foam High Firm
Contour Memory Foam Contour Firm
Luxury 80% Goose Down Low - Medium Soft
Classic Goose Feather Low - Medium Soft
Microfibre Medium Soft - Medium
Wool Blend Medium - High Medium

A Few Things to Remember...

1. If a firmer, flatter pillow suits your sleeping style but you still like your bed to look full and fluffy, try layering your sleeping pillows with some decorative pillows. Our Hollowlight pillow is budget-friendly and works perfectly dressed in a decorative pillow sham to give your bed a layered look. Don’t forget to add a European pillow for a stylist’s touch.

2. Upsized the bed recently and standard pillows are looking a little lost on the mattress? Try out a king-sized pillow to keep the bed looking full and inviting.

3. ALWAYS… yes, always… invest in a pillow protector to keep your pillows fresh for as long as possible! Machine washable and budget-friendly, our pillow protectors will keep your new perfect pillow clean and fresh.

Sleep Soundly with your Perfect Pillow

Now that you've found your perfect pillow, it's time to have a great night sleep.

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How to Choose the Right Duvet

How to Choose the Right Quilt

From light and fluffy goose down through to warm Australian wool, there is a quilt for every season and comfort preference. Find the right option for you with our Quilt Buying Guide.

How to choose the right quilt, doona, or duvetHow to choose the right quilt, doona, or duvet

With so many fills and weights to choose from, finding the right quilt can be confusing. Based on your warmth, weight, and fibre requirements, we're here to help you find the perfect quilt for you!

STAFF TIP: Mix and Match with our Combination Tie System

Our combination quilts are the perfect versatile option for all sleepers and seasons. The Seasons Australian Pure Wool Filled Quilt comes with 2 quilts included; one lightweight 4 TOG quilt and one warmer 7.5 TOG quilt. By combining both quilts you'll have an extra cosy and warm 11.5 TOG quilt - great for cold sleepers and those extra chilly nights in winter. As the weather gets warmer, simply use the lightweight 4 TOG quilt on its own for a lightweight layer. All of our Luxury Goose Down and Classic Goose Down Quilts also come complete with a combination tie system, making it easy to layer and swap out quilts depending on your temperature and comfort preferences.

Combination 2 in 1 QuiltsCombination 2 in 1 Quilts
Combination Quilts for All SeasonsCombination Quilts for All Seasons

Shop by Temperature Preference

One of the main things to consider when selecting the best quilt (or duvet or doona) is your temperature preference. Are you a hot sleeper? Cold sleeper? Do you live somewhere warm and humid or in a cooler climate? Choosing a quilt based on these factors will ensure you maintain a comfortable temperature and sleep soundly through the night.

TOG Ratings

All our natural-fill quilts come with a ‘TOG warmth rating’ to make choosing easy. A ‘TOG’ is an international standard used for measuring the warmth of a quilt. It’s the measure in units of the quilt’s thermal resistance – so the higher the TOG rating, the warmer the quilt.

Hungarian Goose Down TOG 10.5 Winter & Cold Sleepers
Thermal Wool TOG 9 Winter & Cold Sleepers
Luxury 80% Goose Down TOG 8.5 All Seasons
Classic Goose Down TOG 8.5 All Seasons
New Wool TOG 7  All Seasons
Platinum Duck Down TOG 6.5 All Seasons
All Seasons Wool TOG 4 + TOG 7.5 Combination Quilts
Cool Wool Cotton TOG 4.5 Summer & Hot Sleepers
Luxury Light Goose Down TOG 4 Summer & Hot Sleepers
Classic Light Goose Down TOG 4 Summer & Hot Sleepers
The Best Quilts for Summer and Hot SleepersThe Best Quilts for Summer and Hot Sleepers

The Best Quilt for Summer and Hot Sleepers

For those who find themselves getting too hot at night, we recommend a lightweight, absorbent, and breathable quilt. Materials that are great at providing this lightweight comfort are bamboo, wool cotton blends, light goose down, and cotton. Crafted with your temperature regulation in mind, our cool summer quilts will have you sleeping soundly despite the heat.

Shop Cool Quilts & Duvets

The Best Quilt for Winter and Cold Sleepers

For cold sleepers requiring a little bit of extra warmth, or those looking for the warmest quilt for winter, we recommend goose down, duck down, microfibre, or wool fillings for quilts and duvets. These fill varieties are great at trapping in heat and keeping it close to the body, ensuring you stay cosy all night long. If in doubt check the TOG rating - the higher the TOG the warmer the quilt!

The Best Quilt for Winter and Cold SleepersThe Best Quilt for Winter and Cold Sleepers

Shop Warm Quilts & Duvets

The Best Quilts for All Seasons

Our Cotton and Microfibre Quilts are both great options for year-round use, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter due to their natural temperature-regulating properties. Our light and airy duck and goose down and feather quilts are also great for any season or temperature preference, finished with combination ties so you can mix and match as desired.

All Seasons Wool QuiltAll Seasons Wool Quilt
Goose Down QuiltGoose Down Quilt

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From luxurious goose down to lightweight & hypoallergenic bamboo, we offer quilts in a variety of fills to suit any comfort preference.

Cotton Quilts and Cotton DuvetsCotton Quilts and Cotton Duvets

Cotton Quilts

One of our most popular quilts, Cotton is simultaneously lightweight and cosy. An all-natural fibre, cotton is inherently breathable and absorbent, keeping you feeling fresh and comfortable throughout the night. Naturally lightweight and an excellent conductor of heat, it is the perfect quilt filling for any season or temperature preference.

Wool Quilts

Wool quilts sit flatter and tend to feel heavier than goose down and microfibre quilts, making them ideal for cooler months and cold sleepers. Wool also has the ability to create a microclimate, helping regulate your body temperature and reducing hot spots. It is also breathable and absorbent, allowing you to stay cool in the summer months.

Wool Quilts and Wool DuvetsWool Quilts and Wool Duvets
Microfibre Duvets and QuiltsMicrofibre Duvets and Quilts

Microfibre Quilts

If the softness, lightweight feel, and warmth of goose down sounds like bliss but allergies are standing in your way, choose a Microfibre quilt. Microfibre quilts are filled with a polyester microfibre and are lightweight, have excellent loft, and can be used all year round. They are also machine washable, making them wonderfully easy to care for.

Bamboo Quilts

Our favourite eco-friendly quilt, Bamboo is environmentally sound to produce and is resistant to mould, dust, bacteria, and odours. It is also an excellent choice for allergy sufferers as it is hypoallergenic. With less loft than other fibres, bamboo is perfect for those who live in warmer climates or for use during the summer months.

Bamboo QuiltBamboo Quilt
Down and Feather DuvetDown and Feather Duvet

Feather and Down Quilts

If you like a quilt that is luxuriously soft, light and fluffy, then a Duck Down or Goose Down quilt will have you instantly drifting away into an undisturbed slumber. Goose and Duck down quilts have warmth without weight. Being a natural fill, goose down is durable and able to breathe, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer.

Quilts and DuvetsQuilts and Duvets

Browse our range of Quilts & Duvets (also known as doonas in Australia) online or in store to find the best quilt for you.

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The Beauty Benefits of Mulberry Silk Pillowcases and Eye Masks

We're here to let you in on one of the best kept beauty secrets out there: Mulberry Silk. Luxuriously smooth, our silk pillowcases and eye masks will look after your skin and hair - all while you sleep!

Silk Eye Masks and Silk PillowcasesSilk Eye Masks and Silk Pillowcases

Crafted from 100% pure Mulberry Silk, our Silk Pillowcases and Eye Masks will not only keep you feeling fresh and radiant, but also help you sleep blissfully night after night.

What is Mulberry Silk?

Our Morgan & Finch Silk Pillowcase is made from 100% pure Mulberry Silk, which is known for being the highest quality silk available. This silk is known for its luxiously smooth and buttery texture, along with its iconic sheen.

Mulberry Silk is produced by silkworms that feast exclusively on the leaves of the mulberry tree. This results in spun fibres that are long, fine, and durable.

Silk PillowcasesSilk Pillowcases

What are the benefits of sleeping on silk?

Sleeping on a mulberry silk pillowcase or using a silk eye mask has a range of natural benefits for your skin and hair, making it the perfect bedtime companion. Highly revered by beauty specialists, mulberry silk provides a smooth surface for your skin and hair to effortlessly glide across, reducing creases and tangles that naturally form as we sleep.

This leaves you feeling fresh and rejuvenated each morning, while also reducing signs of aging over time. With all its natural benefits, the mulberry silk pillowcase has redefined the term ‘beauty sleep’.

How does Mulberry Silk improve your skin?

Silk prevents wrinkles and creasing across your face and neck as you sleep, helping your skin stay healthy and smooth. Unlike other fibres which can cause friction between your skin and the pillowcase, silk allows the skin to glide across the surface rather than pulling or tugging against the fibres.

Anti-Ageing effects of Mulberry Silk

Silk contains 18 amino acids that naturally complement your skincare regime, helping to counter the effects of ageing and preserve moisture in the skin.

Naturally hydrating, silk keeps moisture close to your skin rather than absorbing it away like fabrics such as cotton. This also allows your expensive night creams and moisturisers to work more effectively than they otherwise would; soaking into your skin rather than your pillowcase.

Other Features and Benefits

As a natural fibre, mulberry silk allows your skin to breathe, minimising irritation. It is also hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites, fungus and mould, making it the perfect option for those with sensitive skin or allergies.

Along with its beauty benefits, our mulberry silk range also boasts a range of features that will help keep you comfortable and sleeping soundly all year round.

Silk as a fabric is temperature regulating, ensuring you retain a comfortable body temperature for a solid night's sleep. Silk is lightweight and incredibly comfortable, gliding across the skin in a way that feels indulgent and luxurious. Our silk range also offers beautiful silk robes and silk pyjamas, so you can take your bedtime routine to a whole new level of luxury.

Mulberry Silk PillowcaseMulberry Silk Pillowcase

Say Goodbye to Bed Hair with a Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

The natural benefits of silk don’t end with your skin; this wonder-fibre also does great things for your hair.
Just like it helps your skin stay more hydrated, your hair too will benefit from silk.

Silk PillowcaseSilk Pillowcase
Mulberry Silk PillowcasesMulberry Silk Pillowcases

Hair that lacks moisture tends to appear frizzy, lifeless and is more prone to breakage, which is often caused by the friction between your hair and your pillowcase. As mulberry silk helps to prevent friction and allows your hair to slide across the pillow, sleeping on silk can minimise split ends, knotting, frizz and dryness.

Put an end to bed hair and wake up with shiny, smooth, and tangle-free hair!

Silk PillowcasesSilk Pillowcases

Luxury for Every Day

Choose from beautiful coloured and patterned designs in our Silk Pillowcase and Silk Eye Mask range.

Silk PillowcasesSilk Pillowcases
Silk Eye MasksSilk Eye Masks

Easy Care - How to Wash Mulberry Silk

Our Morgan & Finch Mulberry Silk Pillowcases are machine washable, making them the perfect easy-care skin-care essential. Simply follow the enclosed care instructions to ensure the longevity of your new beauty-companion.

Silk PiilowcasesSilk Piilowcases

The Ultimate Beauty Investment

Available in a range of gorgeous colours and patterns, our silk pillowcases, eye masks, pyjamas and robes are designed to both look and feel great.

Shop the range now to find the your favourite style. 

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Bedroom Basics: 6 Easy Ways to Refresh Your Bedroom for Spring

The Spring Clean. It’s a bit of a daunting task… if you’re not ready to tackle the whole house, focus on the place where you spend most of your time - your bed! Refresh your home for spring with our bedding basics and designer bed linen.

Spring Bedroom Refresh 1


The Spring Clean. It’s a bit of a daunting task… if you’re not ready to tackle the whole house, focus on the place where you spend most of your time - your bed!


As the days warm up and the sunshine starts to stream in, the beginning of spring marks the perfect opportunity to store away some of your winter layers and refresh your bedding for the season ahead.


We’ve put together a checklist of six easy ways to shake your bedroom from its winter slumber… just in time for the new season:

STEP 1: Refresh Your Protectors


Spring Bedding Basics

SHOP THE LOOK: Bamboo Mattress Protector, Bamboo Pillow Protector


To keep your bed feeling fresh and clean for the new season, spring is the perfect reminder to update your mattress protectors and pillows protectors. Budget-friendly and machine washable, protectors help increase the life of your mattress and pillows.


If these have been a recent purchase, use spring as a reminder to wash and air your protectors. Regular washing helps protect your bedding essentials from any dust mites and bacteria that can start to settle through constant use, helping you to sleep comfortably year-round!


Insider Tip: As you would your mattress, rotate your mattress protector on the bed regularly to distribute wear more evenly.

STEP 2: Switch Your Quilt


Spring QuiltSHOP THE LOOK: Bamboo Quilt


A good night’s sleep starts with the right quilt, so be sure to choose your quilt appropriate for the season. Designed to retain warmth and absorb moisture, a wide variety of quilts exist to suit different purposes, particularly warmth requirements and climate. Naturally we recommend having two different quilts on hand to switch as the seasons change.


Spring is the perfect to time to make the switch – wait for a warm, breezy day and hang out your winter quilt in the sun to air. Doing so will extend the life of your quilt by releasing any moisture absorbed through use and airing out any dust that may have settled. In fact, all quilts should be aired regularly (ideally every six to eight weeks), but especially so before you pack it away into the linen cupboard ready for use the next season.


For spring and summer, make the switch to a lightweight alternative - we love our Luxury Lightweight Goose Down Quilt and our Bamboo Quilt, which are perfect for the warmer months.


Insider Tip: To extend the life of both quilts, repeat the above process with your summer quilt as the season starts to change back to the cooler months.

STEP 3: Swap Your Sheets


Spring Sheets


Flannelette sheets are always a favourite for winter but as the weather warms up these sheets can become too hot. Pack them away for next winter and update your sheet set to a lighter, more breathable alternative.


A linen sheet set (like our Milano Sheet Set), a bamboo/cotton sheet set (we love our Caton Sheet Set or Dalton Sheet Set) or a lightweight Egyptian cotton sateen sheet set (try our Carlson Royale Sheet Set for the ultimate indulgence) are perfect for spring as these natural fibres are soft, light and breathable, giving you a more comfortable night’s sleep!

STEP 4: Lighten Your Layers


Spring Bedspread Padma

SHOP THE LOOK: Padma Bedspread, Alara Sheet Set


Store away the warming woollen or faux fur blankets and update your top layer with a beautifully light and breathable alternative, like our blankets, coverlets and bedspreads. The perfect choice for spring, lay your lighter layer directly on top of your sheets and fold your quilt at the end of the bed. This gives you the option to easily adjust your temperature through the night by sleeping under the top sheet and blanket or coverlet if you’re feeling warm, or pulling up the quilt when you start to feel cold.


Opting for a bedspread or coverlet instead of a blanket and quilt combination will keep you cool and comfortable as the weather starts to heat up.

STEP 5: Introduce Colour with a Quilt Cover


Spring Quilt Cover

SHOP THE LOOK: Evienne Quilt Cover, Alara Sheet Set, Crystal Throw, Alara Sheet Set


It’s amazing what a new quilt cover can do to completely rejuvenate a bedroom and make you feel instantly refreshed! Opt for fresh, summer-inspired colours and patterns for the warmer seasons - you simply can’t go wrong with coastal stripes, ocean hues, fresh florals or tropical prints. Pair with the coordinating pillowcases to give your bed the stylist’s touch.

STEP 6: Accentuate Your Accessories


Spring Bedroom Décor


Change up your accessories for spring to give your bedroom a new energy – simply swap out any warm, winter textiles to light, textural cushions and a lightweight cotton throw.



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The Art of Layering: How to Get Your Bed Winter-Ready

Nothing beats climbing into a warm, cosy bed on a cold winter's night. As the seasons begin to change and the nights start to get that little bit chillier, it's time to fight the cold by adding some soft, snuggly layers to your bed.

Nothing beats climbing into a warm, cosy bed on a cold winter's night. So, as the seasons begin to change and the nights start to get chilly, it's time to fight the cold by adding some soft, snuggly winter layers to your bed.

By adding cosy throws, cushions, coverlets, and bedspreads, you can create a gorgeous layered up bed to transition through the seasons.

SHOP THE LOOK: Smokebush Quilt Cover, Asher Coverlet, Claudine Throw, Moss Throw, Milano Linen Sheet Set

What You’ll Need:

- Soft and Snuggly Bed Sheets
- A Warm Quilt or Duvet
- A Beautiful Cover for your Quilt or Duvet
- Cosy Throws and Winter Blankets
- Patterned Cushions
- Coverlet or Bedspread for extra warmth
- Wool Underblanket or Quilted Mattress Protector
- A Sense of Creativity!

Styling Your Bed with Winter Layers

Think about what is most comfortable and inviting for you. If bright colours are your thing – embrace them and go wild! If you’re more of a minimalist and find calm in simplicity or neutral tones, go with your instincts - keep is simple.

Winter is the perfect time to get creative with your bedroom styling. Add warmth and texture by layering intricate patterns and restful colours to create a soft, inviting space. Snuggly blankets, textured quilts, warm coverlets, patterned cushions, and soft throws are all great layers that you can pile onto your winter bed to create a cosy bedroom atmosphere.

SHOP THE LOOK: Artemida Bedspread, Kilburn Throw

Insider Tip: Winter doesn't mean that you need to change your colour palette to greys and neutrals if that’s not your thing! If you love a splash of colour, try incorporating warm hues such as plum, terracotta and rose to create a cosy oasis despite the cold outside.

SHOP THE LOOK: Alvarez Quilt Cover, Artemida Bedspread, Milano Linen Sheet Set, Cambridge Throw

Flannelette - The Perfect Winter Sheets

If you like a little bit of extra snuggly softness, introduce flannelette sheets to create a blissful base that will keep you warm all winter. Available in a range of patterned sheet sets or plain dye designs, our flannelette is perfect for layering with contrasting colours and patterns to add interest to your overall bedroom look.

SHOP THE LOOK: Alpine Flannelette Sheet Set, Milano Linen Quilt Cover

Get creative with clashing patterns for a playful and bold look; or coordinate your sheets to match your quilt cover or bedspread for a cohesive style. Our range of flannelette consists of plain dye and patterned designs, so there is something to suit every preference.

Insider Tip: If flannelette isn't for you, opt for a sheet set with a higher thread count for a warm, luxurious update this season.

SHOP THE LOOK: Adrian Flannelette Quilt Cover, Chunky Tassel Throw, Milano Linen Sheet Set

Select your Winter Quilt & Quilt Cover

Now that your sheets are sorted, the next step is to put your lightweight summer quilt back in the cupboard and take out your warm winter quilt. Depending on your preference, choosing the right quilt for you can be difficult. If you’re a cold sleeper and like a little bit of extra warmth, we would recommend either our Luxury Goose Down Quilt or one of our Wool Quilt options. For more trans-seasonal, hypoallergenic, or lightweight options, check out our Quilt Buying Guide to find which option would be right for you.

Pair your quilt or duvet with a beautiful patterned, plain dye, quilted, or flannelette quilt cover for added warmth, colour, and texture.

Insider Tip: We recommend selecting a quilt that is a size up from your bed during the winter season as it creates a lovely drape and makes sure there's plenty to go around if there's more than one person in the bed!

SHOP THE LOOK: Beverley Quilt Cover, Artemida Bedspread, Milano Linen Sheet Set

Add your Top Layers: Coverlets, Bedspreads, Throws, Cushions, and Blankets

Next, drape a coverlet or bedspread on top of your quilt cover to add a lovely texture and additional warmth. A bedspread or coverlet is a great layer to add to your bed during the cooler months as it allows you to easily adjust your temperature throughout the night by adding or removing a layer.

SHOP THE LOOK: Artemida Bedspread, Gallagher Quilt Cover, Luisa Sheet Set

Finally, it's time to pile on the pillows and finish the look with some textured cushions and a super snuggly throw or blanket for winter.

Insider Tip: If you're still shivering when you hop into bed, grab a hot water bottle or heat pack, some snuggly flannelette pyjamas, and a pair of cuddly slippers. They'll keep you toasty warm as you get in and out of bed and will stop you from turning on the heater and sending your energy bill through the roof!

SHOP THE LOOK: Cambridge Throw, Artemida Bedspread, Seaweed Quilt Cover

Back to Bedding Basics: Underblankets and Mattress Protectors

When updating your bed for the cooler months, it is important to remember that not all layering starts from the quilt cover up! A wool underblanket orquilted cotton mattress protector is the perfect base to start your layering this winter. Providing insulation, warmth and cushioning, this layer will not only protect your mattress but will also keep your body temperature regulated while you sleep.

SHOP THE LOOK: Wool Underblanket


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Decorating for Easter

Whether you’re decorating for little ones or entertaining guests over the Easter long weekend (or simply love Easter too much to resist…), now’s the perfect time to think about decorating your home for the Easter celebrations ahead.

Decorating for Easter Image 01

SHOP THE LOOK:  Heather and Berry Metal Wreath, Botanical Garland with Eggs, Botanical Spray, Easter Sign with Bunny, Standing Bunny Decorations

Whether you’re decorating for little ones or entertaining guests over the Easter long weekend (or simply love Easter too much to resist…), now’s the perfect time to think about decorating your home for the Easter celebrations ahead. Plus, the earlier you decorate, the longer you can be surrounded by beautiful Easter decor, adorable bunnies, and fluffy chicks… and of course that essential stash of chocolate Easter Eggs. Read on for simple tips and Easter decorating ideas for styling success.

Easter Home Decor

Decorating for Easter Image 02

SHOP THE LOOK:  Shimmer Sitting Rabbit, Easter Sign with Bunny

Easter is the perfect celebration for kids, but that doesn’t mean your decorating needs to be too cutesy or kitsch. If you want to retain a level of sophistication, choose Easter decorations that can be easily incorporated into your everyday décor while still catching the eye.

Easter Wreaths and Garlands

Decorating for Easter Image 03

SHOP THE LOOK: Heather and Berry Metal Wreath, Botanical Garland with Eggs, Easter Sign with Bunny, Standing Bunny Decorations, Easter Egg Box Set of 48

To create this elegant look, we are loving greenery and botanical touches, particularly Easter Wreaths and Garlands. First impressions count, and a beautiful wreath as guests enter your home will set the mood for the festivities that follow. Alternatively, hanging your Easter wreath in your entryway or over a mantle decorated with garlands, sprays, and your favourite Easter bunny and egg decorations is the perfect way to transform your living space into an Easter wonderland. Natural wood finishes, beautiful flora, and flowing greenery pair perfectly with woodland Easter rabbits and soft touches of pastel for an enchanting and elegant look.

Decorative Bunnies and Easter Eggs

Decorating for Easter Image 04

SHOP THE LOOK: Easter Egg Box Set of 48, Textured Bunny Sitting - Medium, Textured Dwarf Lop Bunny - Brown, Botanical Spray

You can still create a stunningly elegant Easter display without sacrificing the playfulness that makes Easter decorating so much fun. The perfect way to capture this sense of whimsy and imagination is through pops of soft pastel, adorable Easter bunnies and chicks, and decorative eggs. We have so many unique and lovable Easter characters to choose from in our collection, and conveniently they coordinate beautifully throughout the home as they peek out from shelves, mantles, and table settings.

Easter Hanging Decorations

Decorating for Easter Image 05

SHOP THE LOOK:  Easter Hanging Decorations, Felt Bunny Wreath, Eggs in Nest, Natural Bunny Dome Decoration

One of our favourite ways to decorate for Easter is to utilise items already in the home to help create a main focal point; and a favourite vase makes the perfect vessel for displaying sprays and hanging decorations.


Just like a tree at Christmas, sprays make a suitably delightful and versatile way to express some holiday joy. Group together varying styles in bright pastel hues for maximum impact, or simply utilise a cluster of branch-like stems. Once in place, select your favourite hanging Easter decorations and create an easy yet stunning Easter display.

Easter Table Decor

Easter Table Decor

SHOP THE LOOK: Bunny Botanical Dining, Botanical Garland with Eggs, Milano Linen Napery, Wood Base Candle Stick, Rabbit 2 Tier Cake Stand,, Verona Goblet,Fern Drinkware 

With just a few key pieces and a little bit of creativity, you can easily decorate your Easter Table with a look that’s stylish, fresh, and inspired. Our Easter Plates, Easter Cake Stands, Easter Napery and Easter Servingware ranges are designed to coordinate easily and create a beautiful table the whole family will love.


Easter Table Decor

SHOP THE LOOK: Florence Bunny Dining, Frankie Bunny Mug, Frankie Bunny Side Plate, Gold Speckled Eggs, Sutton Dining, Cake Plate with Climbing Bunnies, Floral Bunny Mug

Start with your Easter dining set and build out from there, adding napery and Easter decorations to create a playful and inviting style for your Easter feast. From illustrative bunny designs to playful melamine sets for the little ones, our Easter dining range includes something for everyone. Don’t forget to fill the middle of the table with a beautiful garland and scattered chocolate eggs for that final festive touch.

Create a Magical Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt

SHOP THE LOOK: Bunny Egg Holder, Unicorn Egg Holder, Egg Shaped Paper Lantern, Floral Silhouette Melamine Dining, Little Chick Melamine Dining, Sitting Fabric Bunny Boy   

Make this Easter extra special for the little ones with a playful Easter egg hunt to start the festivities. This family-favourite activity can be made easy with adorable Easter egg baskets, Easter signs and chocolate Easter eggs hidden around the home or the garden.


Easter Kids Dining

SHOP THE LOOK: Floral Silhouette Melamine Dining, Blushing Bunny Tea Towel Set, Bunny Ears Napkin Ring Set, Wooden Bunny Pegs with Pompom Tail

After some of that Easter egg-hunting energy is out of their little systems, bring out whimsical melamine dining sets with matching coasters, placemats, and Easter accessories for a child-friendly picnic or table setting. With vibrant designs the kids will love, our melamine Easter sets are durable, colourful, and perfect for afternoons in the sun over the Easter holiday.



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Insta-worthy Kids Room: Get the Look

Ever wondered how to create the perfect kids room that your little ones will love? Here are some of our favourite kids bedroom looks from Instagram to provide you with some styling inspo.

Kids Bedroom Inspo

How to create an Insta-worthy kids bedroom

Our Quilt Cover and Sheet Set designs are available in single size all the way through to king size, so there are so many options when it comes to selecting bedding for a kids room. From playful novelty designs to beautiful plain dyes and prints, our bedlinen range is broad and easy to coordinate, so you can create the perfect bedroom wonderland for your little one.

Autumn Kids Bedroom by @houseofharvee


Dash Quilt Cover

Cambridge Throw

Caviar Sheet Set - Rose


@houseofharvee has refreshed her son's bedroom to create a playful Autumn style. Having taken inspiration from hints of rose and sage in the adorable Dash Quilt Cover, she has carried through this colour scheme to create a gorgeous Autumn look that is perfect for a kids bedroom. Layering a bedspread and throw blanket over a quilt cover adds depth and a touch of sophistication, while still maintaining a fun, lighthearted feel that kids will be sure to love.

Kids Bedroom Styling Tips from Hudson and Harlow

Insta-Worthy Kids Room

Product stylist and mum, Alicia, of Hudson and Harlow, has put together so many gorgeous looks for her son Hudson’s bedroom over the years. We chatted with Alicia to find out all about her go-to style and tips for styling a kids room.

What changes do you make to a kids room for winter?

I love to add more layers by adding chunky knit throws and changing the bed sheets to flannelette for warmth.

What are your best tips for styling a kids bedroom?

Keep the wall colours neutral so it’s a room they can grow into, and add colour with bedding and decor. Just by changing these things, you can completely change the look of a room and it doesn’t break the budget!

What are your go-to sources for styling inspiration?

I get a lot of my inspiration from Pinterest, Instagram and home magazines.

Insta-Worthy Kids Room


Dachsie Quilt Cover Kids Bedroom

Dachsie Quilt Cover

Chunky Tassel Throw Blush

Chunky Throw - Blush

Jurassic Quilt Cover


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The Benefits of Bamboo

The Benefits of Bamboo Sheets, Quilts and Towels. Why we love it, why the environment loves it, and why you’ll love it too.

Bamboo Towels, Bamboo Hamper
SHOP THE LOOK: Bamboo Collapsible Hamper and Bamboo Towels


Bamboo is one the world’s most incredible plants. The fastest growing plant in the world, it has been used for centuries as a form of food, a traditional medicinal treatment, a building material, and more recently, has been innovatively transformed into a luxurious fibre which can be spun into yarn and woven into a beautiful, silk-like fabric. 


Today the material is incredibly popular, used for bamboo bed sheets, bamboo quilts, bamboo quilt covers, bamboo mattress protectors, bamboo towels, bamboo dining sets and bamboo bathroom accessories. The list goes on!

So what’s at the root of our bamboo obsession? With a huge array of unique properties, bamboo fabric can be enjoyed by allergy sufferers, eco-warriors, indulgence aficionados and families alike. Here’s why we, and the environment, love bamboo.


Bamboo Quilt
SHOP THE LOOK: Bamboo Quilt

Reasons we love Bamboo:

1. Bamboo fabric is inherently antibacterial and odour resistant

2. It has hypoallergenic properties and is dust mite resistant

3. Bamboo fabric is naturally breathable, highly absorbent and has excellent moisture wicking capabilities

4. With thermo-regulating properties, bamboo keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter

5. Despite being lightweight and soft, bamboo is an incredibly durable fabric that lasts the test of time

Reasons the Environment loves Bamboo

1. Bamboo is an incredibly sustainable resource 

2. As one of the fastest regrowing plants in the world, bamboo is naturally resilient and abundant 

3. Bamboo requires minimal water to grow (usually relying on rainfall) 

4. Bamboo is inherently pest-resistant and does not require pesticides or fertilisers to sustain its growth 

5. Bamboo is carbon-neutral, absorbing carbon dioxide and producing more oxygen that most other trees 

6. Bamboo is naturally biodegradable, leaving a minimal carbon footprint for generations to come 


Bamboo Bath Caddy

SHOP THE LOOK: Bamboo Bath Caddy

Reasons you’ll love Bamboo

Aside from all these incredible qualities, bamboo fabric is also renowned for its luxurious, silk-like softness. With a natural lustre and cashmere touch, bamboo is a favourite for those who love a premium luxury fabric at an affordable price. 

With all these incredible benefits, it’s no wonder that we’ve taken this super-fabric and produced a range of luxury products to suit everyday living. From luxurious bamboo sheet sets to a beautiful towel range to contemporary throws, there is a bamboo-rich product available for every style. 


Here are some of our favourites… 


Bamboo Towels

Bamboo Towel

SHOP THE LOOK: Bamboo Towels


Naturally anti-bacterial and mould resistant, bamboo is a go-to choice when choosing your towels. Bamboo fibres are also less likely to lint than cotton alone, and retain their silk-like softness and beautiful lustre after washing and tumble drying.

As one of our everyday towel ranges, we offer bamboo cotton towels in a HUGE range of colours to suit any style.

Enjoy a luxurious drying experience with our Bamboo Towels.


Bamboo Sheets

Bamboo Sheet Set

SHOP THE LOOK: Dalton Sheet Set


Lightweight and breathable, our bamboo bed sheets and bamboo cotton sheets keep your temperature naturally regulated throughout the night without compromising a luxurious look and silky-soft feel.


Redefine comfort with our Dalton Sheet Set, Caton Sheet Set and Sleeping Beauty Sheet Set.


Bamboo Bedding

Bamboo Quilt

SHOP THE LOOK: Bamboo Quilt


Enjoy a blissful, undisturbed sleep with our Bamboo Quilt.
The eco-friendly option in the bedroom, our bamboo bedding is inherently anti-bacterial and dust mite resistant, making it prefect for allergy sufferers.

Lightweight, soft and resilient, our bamboo quilt and bamboo quilt covers are perfect for warm climates and hot sleepers as they are naturally breathable and will provide a light, cosy layer without the sleeper overheating.


Pair with our bamboo mattress protector to help you sleep comfortably year-round. With 100% bamboo filling and cotton outer, our bamboo protectors are a naturally durable and breathable choice for any bedroom.


Shop our Bamboo Mattress Protector and Bamboo Pillow Protector.


Bamboo Cotton Blankets

Bamboo Blanket

SHOP THE LOOK: Harrison Blanket


Naturally breathable, with a luxurious softness, beautiful lustre and lightweight feel, our bamboo cotton blanket is perfect for all seasons.

Enjoy a beautifully versatile addition to your bedroom with our Harrison Blanket


Bamboo Cotton and Bamboo Merino Throws

Bamboo Throw

SHOP THE LOOK: Sydney Throw


With a luxurious cashmere-like softness and elegant lustre, our bamboo cotton and bamoo merino throws are cosy and durable whilst remaining resilient to bacteria and odours.


Add instant style to any living area or bedroom with our Bamboo Merino blend Sydney Throw.


Fall in love with bamboo with one of our many bamboo-rich products. Crafted from only the best quality resources, our bamboo products transition beautifully for year-round use and are designed to look and feel luxurious for seasons to come.




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Discover our Luxurious Velvet Range

Velvet adds an opulent style to any area of your home and there’s nothing more luxurious than a velvet quilt cover in the bedroom or a velvet cushion on the couch.

Velvet Bed Linen


Add an opulent style to any area of your home with the addition of velvet.


There’s nothing more luxurious than a velvet quilt cover or velvet cushions to elevate your space.

What is velvet?

The term ‘velvet’ actually refers to the weave, and not the content of the material: ‘velvet’ can in fact be made from any fibre! Cotton and Polyester are the most common varieties.


Traditionally velvets were made from silk, cotton and linen, however today velvets are made from many varieties and blends of yarn.


Velvet Bed Linen and Velvet Cushions

Exuding opulence and luxury, velvet is wonderfully soft, helping you achieve a restful night’s sleep every night. Our velvet cushions offer a wonderful textured look, comfort, and vibrance when added to your home decor.


Our velvet quilt covers take this sense of luxury to a whole other level. Beautiful to touch and stunning to look at, our velvet duvet covers come in a variety of colours and styles so you can find the perfect option for you. 


*Insider Tip: Make sure the reverse of your velvet quilt cover is 100% pure cotton so that it remains light and breathable against your skin throughout the night.



Don’t compromise on quality when it comes to that luxurious velvet feel! Indulge in the luscious layers of velvet texture so that you can fall asleep in style and wake up feeling well-rested.




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A Life Al Fresco - Entertaining Outdoors

Create your own entertainers delight set for hot, sunny days and balmy nights with our outdoor summer collection that’s sure to transform your al fresco.

A Life Alfresco Image 01


The Australian way of life lovingly embraces al fresco living – think long summer BBQs, afternoon cocktails and evening dinners spent outdoors with family and friends.


With the longer days and warmer nights well and truly on their way, now is the perfect time to start planning how you’ll be spending the summer months entertaining outdoors.


Create your own entertainers delight set for hot, sunny days and balmy nights with our outdoor summer collection that’s sure to transform your al fresco.


The Outdoor Space


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Whether it’s a patio, porch, verandah or an open-air deck, make the most of your outdoor spaces to truly celebrate a life al fresco.


From lounging to dining, the best al fresco areas create an environment that embraces a seamless connection between the indoors and out. Areas for seating, relaxing, dining and play can be given a new life outdoors – so much so, you’ll be sure to spend more and more time enjoying life outside.


Creating a designated sitting area is the simplest way to utilise your available space – two to three chairs side by side will give you an instant outdoor living space, no matter how small or large a space you have to work with.


A classic outdoor living favourite, the Adirondack Chair will forever be synonymous with summer relaxation and style. Crafted from natural timber, our favourite outdoor seating option is equally perfect positioned facing the much sought-after ocean view or in your favourite backyard location.


A Life Alfresco Image 03

Bring the Indoors Outside

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Create a space that guests won’t want to leave by bringing the indoors outside with a collection of cushions that maximise both comfort and style.


Our Panama range of outdoor cushions and chair pads are perfect for al fresco living. These summer must-haves are made from UV fade and water resistant fabric, making them ideal for our Australian climate.


Or, for complete versatility, opt for cushions that can be used both indoors and out – we love to bring together earthy tones with natural fibres, decorative stitching, tufting and tassels to keep the look relaxed and stylish.


Bring Your Table to Life

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SHOP THE LOOK: Rattan Square PlacematsMelange Chair Pad, Lima Textured Cushion, Odessa Cushion

Entertain in style all summer long with a table setting that makes the most of al fresco living.


Whatever the occasion, set to impress from the moment your guests arrive for a truly memorable get-together.


To begin, dress up your table with a table runner and placemats which provide a base and ground each setting for you to then layer your dinnerware. For our table setting, we’ve chosen our Bosphorus Table Runner and Rattan Square Placemats to suit the rustic texture of the outdoor table. Continuing with the Mediterranean-inspired look, we’ve layered with our Medallion Tableware. With the appearance of terracotta, but made from melamine, this beautifully patterned and vibrantly coloured range of dinnerware and serverware is perfect for outdoor entertaining. Don’t forget to add a platter and salad bowl to maximise the shared dining experience.


Insider Tip: Durable, break-resistant melamine tableware is a must-have for outdoor dining! Trust us… you’ll be thanking us when you’re not precariously carrying china plates from indoors to out…


Designed to keep food safe from insects and the outdoor elements, a Domed Food Cover is another must-have for entertaining outdoors.


Finally, make sure you and your guests drink in style! We’ve added a pop of colour to the table with our Miami Tableware. Highly durable, this acrylic range is perfect for use both indoors and out, and will ensure the drinks continue to flow into the night without any broken glass mishaps!


Mood Lighting

A Life Alfresco Image 06

SHOP THE LOOK: Lima Textured Cushion,  Odessa Cushion


Enhance your al fresco with some mood lighting. A simple and stylish way to add ambience to your outdoor space, the addition of lanterns and candle holders also ensure you make the most of outdoor living whatever time of day.


Perfect as table centrepieces during the day, a cluster of lanterns and candle holders can then be lit as day turns to dusk for long nights spent in the company of family and friends.






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How To Decorate a Small Space for Christmas

No room for a traditional Christmas tree? Not to worry! We have all the tips and tricks to bring Christmas cheer to any size space.

How to Decorate a Small Space for Christmas Image 01

No room for a traditional Christmas tree? Not to worry! We have all the tips and tricks to bring Christmas cheer to any size space.


Transform a Side Table or Mantelpiece


How to Decorate a Small Space for Christmas Image 02


Decorating a mantelpiece or side table is an effective way to add the Christmas spirit without cluttering a small space. Layering sprays and candles among decorations will add texture and contrast to your mantel or table. Hang some Christmas stockings and finish the look with a few statement pieces, bringing the finishing touch of Christmas magic to the room.


Insider Tip: Fill a collection of vases with frosted evergreen stems and sparkling sprays or fill them with your favourite ornaments.


Invest in Versatile Pieces


How to Decorate a Small Space for Christmas Image 03


Garlands are a great way to add a touch of Christmas to rooms and spaces of all sizes. They are perfect for doorways and entranceways, can be draped across mantels and side tables, or even used as the Christmas table centrepiece. Whether you like a Traditional or Modern Christmas look, garlands are a super versatile addition to your Christmas collection.


Insider Tip: An effortless way to add Christmas cheer to any space, our selection of Christmas garlands also take up next to no storage space for the rest of the year!


Decorate a Small Tree


How to Decorate a Small Space for Christmas Image 04


Small trees are a perfect solution if you don’t have the room for a traditional, full-sized Christmas tree. Small trees can be placed just about anywhere throughout the home, even the kitchen bench! Available in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit any home, small Christmas trees look stunning when decorated with an assortment of ornaments.


Alternatively, why not try our Christmas Pop-Up tree? Flat to standing in five minutes, and with little to no mess, our Pop-Up tree offers an effortless solution for those that love to decorate without having to set up a tree, giving more time to beautify your tree with your favourite baubles and hanging decorations.


Insider Tip: All of our standing trees come complete with attached LED lights – making it simple to light up your space with some Christmas magic without the worry and hassle of putting the lights up by hand!


Get Inventive with Your Ornaments


How to Decorate a Small Space for Christmas Image 05


No need to pack away those extra ornaments you don’t have room for. Try filling a decorative bowl or glass vase with an array of sparkling baubles! The trick is to be creative and incorporate an assortment of sizes and colours to make the look really pop. Start with one of our bauble sets as a base and then add in some of your personal favourite ornaments to bring the look to life.


Create a Cluster of Christmas Pieces


How to Decorate a Small Space for Christmas Image 06


Sometimes all that’s needed to bring a touch of festive spirit into your home is a cluster of enchanting Christmas pieces. Start with a mini tree as your base and then position a few of your favourite decorative Christmas pieces around the tree. Finish the look with a collection of tealight candles to bring a bit of Christmas magic to any night.


Insider Tip: A fresh, pine scented candle is perfect for creating the smell of a real Christmas tree around the home.


Don't Forget the Front Door...


How to Decorate a Small Space for Christmas Image 07


Wreaths are a perfect way to bring the Christmas spirit to your home from the moment you walk through the door. Have your doorway transformed in no time with the addition of a Christmas wreath. Get creative and mix it up by adding a matching bow or extra ornaments to your wreath.


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Anatomy of a Perfect Bed

An average person spends 25 years sleeping… so why not spend that time in comfort and style?



An average person spends 25 years sleeping… that’s roughly a third of your lifetime spent in bed!


So why not spend that time in comfort and style? Follow our steps below to learn the anatomy of a perfect bed.


STEP 1: Protect your Mattress and Pillows


Anatomy of a Perfect Bed Image 01

SHOP THE LOOK: Traditional Mattress Protector, Cotton Pillow Protector


Extend the life of your mattress and create a cosy cushioning effect by investing in a mattress protector. Follow this by protecting your pillows with pillow protectors. From cotton and bamboo to wool, these in-expensive, machine washable items ensure the longevity of your mattress and pillows, helping you to sleep comfortably all year-round!


Insider Tip: Mattress and pillow protectors are also far better for your budget than having to regularly replace your mattress or pillow, so consider these as a non-negotiable!


STEP 2: Find your Quilt and Pillow


Anatomy of a Perfect Bed Image 02

SHOP THE LOOK: Luxury Goose Down Quilt, Luxury Goose Pillow


Whether you prefer the loft and softness of goose down, the warmth of natural wool or the hypoallergenic benefits of microfibre, take the time to find what quilt and pillow works for you. Trust us… you’ll sleep better for it!


Selecting a quilt comes down to personal preference based on warmth, weight and fibre requirements, so read on here to find the quilt that perfectly suits you. Or learn more about pillow choice here in your search to find ‘the one’.


STEP 3: Invest in a Quality Sheet Set


Anatomy of a Perfect Bed Image 03

SHOP THE LOOK: Carlson Royale Sheet Set, York Sheet Set, Luxe Sheet Set


Surround yourself in softness and comfort by indulging in a quality sheet set. With all the time spent in bed, high quality sheets are definitely worth the investment. After all, there’s no better feeling than slipping into luxuriously soft sheets at the end of each day, so be sure to look for qualities such as thread count, fibre, weave and finish to find sheets that are right for you. For a more in-depth look into finding your perfect sheet set, read all about it here.


Insider Tip: Invest in quality by opting for the best your budget allows. The better the quality, the better the longevity, comfort and night’s sleep. Trust us, morning you will thank you for it!


STEP 4: Make a Statement with a Quilt Cover


Anatomy of a Perfect Bed Image 04

SHOP THE LOOK: Montego Quilt Cover, Milano Sheet Set, Moss Border Throw, Odessa Cushion


Now, here’s where the real fun starts! Transform your bedroom instantly with a new quilt cover. Remember that the bed is most likely going to be the largest and most eye-catching element in the bedroom, so make it the star with a popping pattern or interesting texture.

Finish off the look with the coordinating European Pillows to give your bed the stylist's touch.


Insider Tip: Classic stripes are a winner any time of the year, and we love the timeless, yet contemporary style of the Montego quilt cover. The harmonious colour palette and relaxed, tranquil feel instantly evoke a modern coastal vibe, but this design can easily make itself at home in any contemporary setting.


STEP 5: Layer It Up


Finally, bring your quilt cover to life with some key decorative cushions and a restful throw draped softly across the bed.


When considering your layers, take note of the colours, textures and patterns in your quilt cover, and introduce layers and decorative accent pieces that complement or contrast to create a look that is uniquely yours.





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Winter Staycation: How To Make The Most of Winter At Home

The perfect way to rejuvenate, a staycation at home is all about enjoying life’s simple pleasures as you would while on holiday.

Winter Staycation Image 01


As the days and nights reach the heights of wintery chill, our natural instinct is to start dreaming of warmer climates far away from home.


The problem? Escaping to the tropics or on your next European summer adventure just isn’t always achievable! Rather than fall into the depths of the winter blues, make the most of the change in seasons with a winter staycation.


The perfect way to rejuvenate, a staycation at home is all about enjoying life’s simple pleasures as you would while on holiday.


So settle in as we explore how to make the most of winter at home…


Set the Mood


Winter Staycation Image 02


Inherently Australian, our relaxed way of living is in constant connection to the outdoors, so it’s no surprise we continue to seek this relationship while on holiday. And when it’s too cold to go outdoors, simply bring the outside in!


Turn to an earth-inspired colour palette and introduce natural elements to create a tranquil unity between the home and outdoors. Natural fibres like linen and wool create an organic feel in any space and instantly add a sense of warmth.


Winter Staycation Image 03

SHOP THE LOOK: Arctic Faux Fur Cushions & Throws


Have confidence with layering different textures to really ramp up the comfort factor. Think chunky knit cushions layered with warm, woven throws. A winter favourite, our luxuriously plush faux fur is the quintessential winter must-have.

Hotel Charm

Winter Staycation Image 04


Nothing beats climbing into a luxurious hotel bed (or the feeling of waking up in one after a restorative night’s sleep!)… And it wouldn’t be a staycation without one!


To create your own luxury bedroom escape a little bit of layering can make all the difference. Indulge in pure comfort and warmth with flannelette sheets, layered with a quilt cover in winter-inspired tones, a multitude of pillows and cushions in varying sizes and textures, and your favourite throw.


So good you’ll never want to leave!

Winter Warmers

Winter Staycation Image 05

Still feeling the chill?


Don’t forget the classic winter essentials to make sure you’ll never go cold. A plush robe, beautifully soft flannelette pyjamas, slippers to keep your feet extra toasty and a snuggly hot water bottle will make your winter staycation next level!


Now grab your favourite book, ditch the technology and relax into your winter staycation at home.


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Behind The Design: The Making of Spring/Summer Collection

Locally designed in our studio by our team of talented designers, the introduction of a new season quilt cover collection is always an exciting moment for us! Often inspired by some of the most beautiful textiles found... 

Behind The Design - The Making of Spring/Summer Collection Image 01


Finding Your Floral - An Interview with our Designers on our Spring/Summer Collection


Locally designed in our studio by our team of talented designers, the introduction of a new season quilt cover collection is always an exciting moment for us! Often inspired by some of the most beautiful textiles found across the globe, our designers are constantly working to bring a unique combination of colour, pattern and texture into your homes.


With our beautiful Spring/Summer ’17 collection now arriving in stores and online, we wanted to delve deeper into our new collection of quilt covers, what inspired the designs and how our designers make sure that there’s something there for everyone. So we decided to speak to our in-house quilt cover designers to see how the new collection came together.


How does the design process for a new collection begin?


It’s actually very intuitive. We begin by putting together mood boards but, more often than not, a curiosity towards a particular colour or an instinct or desire to work on something specific begins the process. We are constantly researching global style trends ahead of a new season. Through our travels and exploration, we always make sure we’re bringing a fresh, unique style to the Australian market each season. Then, once we’ve completed a range of different designs, we take a step back and look at what we’ve got to make sure there is something there for everyone. We like to make sure there’s a wide range of colours, patterns and textures so that everyone can find what works for their home.


Behind The Design - The Making of Spring/Summer Collection Image 02


What colours and patterns are on trend for this season?


A lot more florals were brought into the collection this season. I think the brightness and freshness that comes to mind when you think of spring and summer means that this can often be reflected in what kind of style people are inclined to have in their homes. There are also some lovely natural greens coming through this season which are beautiful and work perfectly to add freshness to the home. Our florals this season are distinctively different to what we’ve seen before as well. We decided to take a botanical Australiana approach to some of our designs this season with some beautiful native flora and fauna featured throughout the range.




Behind The Design - The Making of Spring/Summer Collection Image 03


Where did the inspiration come from in creating an Australiana theme?


We often look towards the rest of the world to inspire the patterns and colours of our designs so this season we really wanted to create something distinctively Australian – something that made it not just ‘another floral’. I think people really appreciate and love the uniqueness of the natural land that we’re surrounded by here in Australia and we wanted to reflect that love in a fresh, unique way. Often an artwork comes together from pieces of personal experience as well. For instance, when I was painting the artwork for the Cooinda quilt cover, different memories of Australian birds came together to create the theme of the design. We’re always excited to incorporate an element of colour into a design. With the increased ability of digital technology, we’re not restricted by colour anymore and so we could achieve the accurate colours of the native flora and fauna which is also very exciting.


Behind The Design - The Making of Spring/Summer Collection Image 04


Tell me more about the design ‘Cooinda’…


We often take a stylised approach to florals, so we decided to take a more botanical approach when creating this design. I’ve always personally had an appreciation for birds and so, when painting this artwork, native birds naturally began to form throughout the design. Canaries and pardalotes and tiny little willie wagtails are hidden throughout the design amongst the bright, bold colours of rosellas and galahs. The name ‘Cooinda’ is actually an Indigenous Australian word that translates to ‘happy place’ – whenever we name a design we try and accurately reflect the meaning or spirit of the design through the name.


Behind The Design - The Making of Spring/Summer Collection Image 05


Behind The Design - The Making of Spring/Summer Collection Image 06



You said that the new collection has quite a lot of floral designs. What would you say to people that are unsure about introducing a floral into the bedroom?


I think there’s actually a lot of variety in florals that means that most people can find something that appeals to them or suits the space. And there’s no better time to start an infatuation with florals than the beginning of spring! This season has quite a number of different options for incorporating an element of floral design into the bedroom as well. For instance, the Mari quilt cover offers a beautifully eclectic stylised floral, the watercolour blooms of the Cacti quilt cover brings a contemporary approach to the range, the Amarela quilt cover is very sophisticated and the Palm Cove quilt cover brings a tropical twist to the floral look. And then, of course, if you love the Australian botanical approach, the Cooinda or Springbrook quilt covers are perfect!



Cooinda Quilt Cover

Behind The Design - The Making of Spring/Summer Collection Image 07



Cacti Quilt Cover

Behind The Design - The Making of Spring/Summer Collection Image 10



Palm Cove Quilt Cover

Behind The Design - The Making of Spring/Summer Collection Image 11


Find your favourite floral in our New Season collection.



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