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How to Decorate an Instagram-worthy Christmas Tree

Decorate an eye-catching Christmas tree that’s worthy of an Instagram post (or two!) 



Decorate an eye-catching Christmas tree that’s worthy of an Instagram post (or two!) with the help of Instagrammer Alicia from @hudson_and_harlow. All it takes is 4 easy steps to recreate this stunning Christmas tree look.

1. Pick your palette


Before you start hanging your ornaments, decide on your colour palette and style. Alicia used inspiration from our Luminous range with soft pinks, ivory and metallic details to create this dreamy look.

Alicia’s tip: Always use ornament hooks to hang decorations and make them sit nicer.

2. Go big


Once you’ve organised all of your Christmas decorations, start placing your lights and largest decorations on first to space them out evenly. Alicia used our beautiful Mongolia Leaf Stems with four flowers on each to drape around her tree.

Alicia’s tip: If you have children, hang up your glass decorations high so they’re out of reach.


3. Hang up your ornaments


It’s time for the fun part; showcasing the beautiful decorations on your tree! Start by laying them all out and place your favourites on first to give them prime position, then largest to smallest. Don’t be afraid to cluster different shapes and sizes for added contrast. When it comes to Christmas decorations, more is more!

Alicia’s tip: Sit gorgeous feather Birds on Clip to snow branches to make them look more realistic.


4. The finale


A Christmas tree isn’t complete without a beautiful tree topper. Alicia used our Metal Star Tree Topper to tie in with her Luminous look. Once your topper is in position, take a step back to admire the Christmas magic you’ve created in your home.

Hooray! You’re all ready for the festive season with an Instagram-worthy tree to match. Follow Alicia @hudson_and_harlow for more styling inspiration.