Christmas In Small Spaces 1


Can’t fit a Christmas tree? Don’t worry! Here are 5 nifty ways to decorate any sized space for Christmas.


Decorate a miniature tree 


Christmas In Small Spaces 2


Christmas In Small Spaces 2


If you don’t have the space for a full-sized Christmas tree, why not get a miniature tree? Available in a range of different shapes and sizes to fit any home, they look absolutely gorgeous with an array of decorative ornaments hung from the branches.


Or alternatively, try out a Christmas Pop-up tree! Flat to standing in five minutes, they’re perfect for those that love to decorate a Christmas tree without having to set one up. Choose out some decoration hooks and decorate your tree with mini baubles, lightweight decorations and our beautiful bird clips.


INSIDER TIP – All of our standing trees come complete with attached LED lights - so it’s easy to light up a space with some Christmas magic without the stress of putting the lights up yourself!



Create a cluster of Christmas pieces  


Christmas In Small Spaces 3


Sometimes all that’s needed to bring a touch of festive spirit into your home is a cluster of enchanting Christmas pieces. Start with a mini tree as your base and then position a few of your favourite Christmas decorative pieces around the tree. Finish the look with a collection of silhouette tea lights to bring a bit of Christmas magic to any night.


INSIDER TIP – A fresh pine scented candle is perfect for creating the smell of a real Christmas tree around the home.



Get inventive with your Ornaments  


Christmas In Small Spaces 4


Have you got extra ornaments but nowhere to hang them? Then it’s time to get inventive. Try filling a decorative bowl or glass vase with an array of glimmering baubles!


The trick is to incorporate a variety of sizes and colours to make the look really shine. We love to start with one of our bauble sets as a base and then add in some intricate, decorative ornaments to bring the look to life.



Transform a side table or mantelpiece  


Christmas In Small Spaces 5


Another great way to bring a touch of Christmas cheer to your home is to decorate a side table with a collection of Christmas sprays. Fill an assortment of vases with frosted evergreen stems and sparkling sprays and decorate them with your favourite ornaments. A couple of key Christmas decorative pieces bring the final touch of magic to the space.



Invest in multipurpose pieces  


Christmas In Small Spaces 6


Garlands are the perfect versatile option for Christmas decorating! Position them hanging at entranceways, across the tops of doorways, draped across side tables or even as a Christmas table centrepiece. If you’re one to mix up your Christmas styling from year to year, a garland can be used in so many unique and creative ways.


INSIDER TIP – Perfect to add a touch of Christmas cheer to any space, our selection of Christmas garlands also take up next to no storage space for the rest of the year!