High loft, low loft, medium density, soft, firm, natural fill, wool blend, microfibre, memory foam…. Is your head spinning as much as ours?!


Let’s try and make this a little simpler so that it’s easy to find ‘the one’ for you. Finding the right sleeping pillow to suit you can often be a time-consuming (and money-consuming) process that can result in many restless nights and frustration as you try and beat your pillow into a shape that feels comfortable to sleep on.


So let’s break this down to the basics. A pillow is designed simply to fill the space between where the mattress sits and where your head should naturally rest to keep your back in line through the night. However, this gap will vary in width depending on the way you prefer to sleep. This means that different sleepers need different pillows.


So we've picked the ideal pillow for the four main sleeping groups: Back Sleepers, Stomach Sleepers, Side Sleepers and those that can’t quite decide… we like to call them the Tossing and Turners.

But don't forget! It's important to consider your own personal preference when deciding on a pillow so remember to choose what feels right for you.


Let’s get started…


Side Sleepers


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Side sleepers have the largest gap to fill between where your shoulder rests on the mattress and where your head should comparatively sit. Because of this, side sleepers should look for high loft pillows. Most importantly, avoid low loft pillows – these will cause your neck to bend at an uncomfortable angle and cause headaches and neck pains.



Are you wondering what ‘loft’ is? Loft basically refers to the height of the pillow. So, low-loft = flatter pillow and high-loft = fatter pillow. It’s as simple as that!


For those that prefer a firmer sleeping pillow:

Look for a Wool Blend pillow. With a medium-loft and a medium softness, a wool blend pillow has enough bounce to support your neck through the night and enough softness to allow your head to relax into it until it reaches a comfortable level.


For those that prefer a softer sleeping pillow:

You’re ideal pillow is the Luxury Goose Down/Feather pillow. Extra soft and plush, this pillow is filled with natural down and feathers. The higher ratio of down to feathers means that the down clusters will expand naturally to their spherical shape to allow for a luxuriously soft support.



If this sounds like the right pillow for you but you’re already sneezing at the thought of feathers, try our hypoallergenic Microfibre pillow.


Back Sleepers


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The most important thing for back sleepers to consider is making sure that your head is not too highly raised in the night. If your pillow has too high a loft a back sleeper will start to suffer from neck pains and headaches. For this sleeping position, try and find either a firm, medium-loft pillow to keep the natural curve of your spine in line or invest in a high-loft, soft pillow (soft pillows will let your head will sink back into it to sit naturally at a medium height). Avoid high-loft, firm pillows! 


For those that prefer a firmer sleeping pillow:

You’re looking for a Memory Foam pillow. With a medium loft and density, the polyurethane core of the memory foam pillow means it has the ability to contour uniquely to the shape of your head to provide comfort and support.


For those that prefer a softer sleeping pillow:

You’re after a Luxury Goose Down/Feather pillow. Luxuriously soft down clusters will allow your head to naturally sink into the pillow while the feathers maintain enough loft to keep your head supported.



Stomach Sleepers


Pillow 3


Stomach sleepers need a low-loft pillow to keep their back in line. It’s important to have a thinner pillow as there’s only a small space between the mattress and where your head should rest.


For those that prefer a firmer sleeping pillow:

Try a Memory Foam pillow. The memory foam pillow will contour to the weight of your head to keep your neck at the perfect angle while sleeping. Encased in a removable cotton sateen cover, the pillow will remain soft against the side of your face during the night.


For those that prefer a softer sleeping pillow:

Look for a Classic Goose Feather pillow. Soft with a high loft, your head will sink back into this pillow for a lovely indulgent support.


Tossing and Turners


Pillow 3


Are you someone that takes a little while to find that perfect sleeping position each night? Or maybe you change regularly throughout the night?

Then, as the saying goes, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Your best option is to look at a high-loft, soft pillow or a medium-loft firm pillow.

Avoid a memory foam pillow! As you change sleeping positions through the night the memory foam will still be in the contoured shape of where your head previously lay and the pillow will end up feeling uncomfortable.


For those that prefer a firmer sleeping pillow:

Try a Wool Blend pillow. With the perfect balance of medium loft and medium softness, the Wool Blend pillow will keep its shape as you move around in the night.



For those that prefer a softer sleeping pillow:

The Classic Goose Feather pillow is for you. Filled with soft white goose feathers, this pillow will adjust quickly and easily to whichever way you decide to sleep that night.



A few things to remember...


1. If a firmer, flatter pillow suits your sleeping style but you still like your bed to look full and fluffy, try layering your sleeping pillows with some decorative pillows. Our Hollowlight or Luxurelle pillows are budget-friendly and work perfectly with a decorative pillow-sham to give your bed a layered look.


2. Upsized the bed recently and standard pillows are looking a little lost on the mattress? Try out a King-sized pillow to keep the bed looking full and inviting.


3. ALWAYS… yes, always… invest in a pillow protector to keep your pillows lasting as long as possible! Machine washable and budget-friendly, our pillow protectors will keep your new perfect pillow clean and fresh.


So, now that you've found your perfect pillow, it's time to have a great night sleep and wake up feeling refreshed!




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