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How to sleep better in winter

Snuggle your way through the chilly nights this winter with the simple art of layering – it’s easier (and more stylish) than you think. Plus, you’ll sleep better for it.

Sleep better with flannelette

Snuggle your way through the chilly nights this winter with the simple art of layering – it’s easier (and more stylish) than you think. Plus, you’ll sleep better for it. Reaching the right temperature in bed during the cooler months can be difficult; constant tossing and turning can result in hours of disrupted sleep and decreased energy throughout the day. We’ve come up with the perfect solution, not only to create a warm and inviting bed for winter, but to help you get a cosy night’s sleep for the day ahead; rain, hail or shine.

STEP 1: Flannelette Sheets



Soft flannelette sheets create a blissful base for your sleep. They keep you warm and snug with brushed cotton flannelette on both sides and are beautifully soft to touch. We love our Water Reeds Flannelette Sheets for the luscious warmth and calming Japanese-inspired design. If you prefer a sheet that is lighter than flannelette but still has some weight, opt for a sheet set with a higher thread count like our Carlson Royale White Sheets. Woven into 600 thread count sateen they’ll still keep you warm in winter and add a touch of luxury to your bedroom. 

 STEP 2: Cosy Quilt 


Don’t say goodbye to your airy summer quilt just yet –an extra toasty layer can easily be added to keep you warm all winter. Our Luxury Light Goose Down Quilts feature a tie system at each corner allowing for easy pairing with our 8.5 TOG Quilt to create a snugly 12.5 TOG quilt. TOG ratings are an international standard that determine the thermal insulation of a quilt’s filling; the higher the TOG rating, the warmer the quilt. 

Protect your toasty quilt with a patterned quilted quilt cover for extra warmth and texture. Untuck your flannelette sheets and naturally fold them over your quilt for a relaxed and unstructured look.


Luxury 8.5 TOG Quiltand Luxury Light Goose Down Quilts together for the ultimate winter warmth.


For an effortlessly elegant style, pair your quilt with our Orla Quilt Cover.

STEP 3: European Pillows



Pile on varying fluffy pillows to help you sleep peacefully and create a warm and inviting winter nest. We love coordinating pillowcases to the matching quilt cover (like the Orla Pillowcases) and including similar colours to complete the look.

 STEP 4: Coverlet or Bedspread


An additional layer over your quilt cover allows you to easily control your temperature as you sleep. A coverlet or bedspread is a beautiful option for extra warmth and texture and you can add or remove it easily. We love the contemporary Asher Bedspread layered over our Orla quilt cover.

STEP 5: Lush Cushions and Throws

Cushions & Throws

Creating a warm and inviting winter sanctuary is easy with the addition of soft cushions and a snugly throw. Opt for cushions with lush textures like faux fur and neutral colours that match your quilt cover. We love the Linden Brushed Woolblend Throw and the Margot Velvet Cushion.

Create your ultimate winter nest and sleep better this winter. Check out our Winter Florals Lookbook for some cosy inspiration.