The airy quilt that keeps you extra warm in winter

The Airy Quilt That Keeps You Extra Warm


Luxuriously light, airy and fluffy, a goose down quilt has warmth without weight. Being a natural fill, goose down is durable and able to breathe, helping to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. There’s one feature in particular that makes this quilt perfect for all seasons.

The Airy Quilt That Keeps You Extra Warm


Luxury Goose Down Quilt


Super soft, light and warm, our goose down quilts will have you instantly drifting away into undisturbed slumber. Filled with 80% goose down feathers, this quilt is extra light, fluffy and more resilient. Plus it traps the heat in winter, keeping you warm and snuggly without the weight.

Our Luxury Goose Down Quilts come in both a 4 and 8.5 TOG rating for both seasons. TOG ratings are an international standard that determine the thermal insulation of a quilt’s filling; the higher the TOG rating, the warmer the quilt.

The Airy Quilt That Keeps You Extra Warm


Here's the interesting part...

These quilts come with a unique combination tie-system, allowing you to easily add or detach a quilt and transition between the seasons.

In winter, connect the two quilts together for an ultra-warm 12.5 TOG that feels light and fluffy. As goose down is a natural fibre, it holds superior thermal properties to synthetic fibre alternatives, requiring less filling to stay cosy and warm.

When the summer weather sets in, simply remove the 8.5 TOG quilt and you’ll have an airy quilt to help you sleep comfortably, so you don’t overheat.

Our Luxury Goose Down Quilts are great for all seasons and keep you extra toasty during winter.


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The Airy Quilt That Keeps You Extra Warm