How we design and develop our quilt covers

Designing and Developing our Quilt Covers

Learn how we bring our quilt covers to life with every small detail.



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We know the small details count when we design our bedlinen. Every design goes through a considered and collaborative process with our design studio and product team to create a beautiful product we are proud of. Learn how we bring our quilt covers to life with every small detail.


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The Process

From the beginning of the design process through to the final product, every detail of each quilt cover design is part of a meticulous process to ensure the ultimate comfort, style and quality is achieved.


First our designers begin the initial design concepts and discuss any modifications to colour, layout, scale and style, this includes all trim details (more on that later), European pillowcase coordinates and reverse print concepts.


When our team has finalised a design we organise fully finished samples, usually from a small print run, which is then made to our exact specifications as a complete quilt cover sample we can make up on a bed for review.


The team comes together to discuss the sample quilt cover presented on a bed. We look at colour, scale, trimming detail and coordinating product, and will then request another sample if we have changes (which are quite often!)


This process repeats itself until the team is happy with the complete sample. The design is then confirmed for production where it has to pass our stringent QA testing standards and once approved, we release the goods for launch in our stores and into your beautiful homes!

The Details

There’s more to quilt cover designs than you might think; from trimmings and reverse prints to European pillowcase designs and base cloth constructions, every detail is well thought out and considered.


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The finishing detail on each quilt cover is the trim. The trim of a quilt cover is how the edge of the quilt cover is treated. The standard way is to simply sew two pieces of fabric together; however we love to add detail to every design, creating a beautiful finished product. We finish our quilt covers with numerous trim styles to complete the look; filled piping trim, flat piping trim, inserted woven trim, inserted ribbon trim and self-flange with embroidered barotti stitch, just to name a few!


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Reverse Prints

A complementing quilt cover reverse softly folded over adds instant style to any bedroom. We design our reverse print to coordinate with the quilt cover design, this can be in a contrasting pattern or plain dye cotton. Some quilt covers also allow you to mix up your bedroom style for a completely different look featuring invisble buttons on both sides, giving you two quilt cover looks in one.


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European Pillowcases

When we design our bedlinen we consider the complete look; coordinating sheets, cushions, throws, standard pillowcases and European pillowcases. For this reason the design on our European pillowcases is carefully thought out. The European pillowcases may complement the design with a contrasting print or colour to bring the look together. They can also be purchased independently to add colour and pattern to other more simple quilt cover designs that may be solid colours or plain textures.



It is all these details. Shop our quilt covers to discover our range.