How we develop our seasonal trends

Discover how our team in Melbourne put together beautiful home decor trends each season to recreate in your home.





Each season our team in Melbourne put together beautiful home decor trends to recreate in your home. These trends are developed through months of research that we continually gather throughout the year and bring to life in our products to create a cohesive look. Let’s show you exactly how the process works.


When it comes to home styling, we believe interior trends are much more than fast fashion fads, we see them as evolving over time. Interior trends are not about changing your look every few months, they are something you can build on to create your signature style that is up to date with current colours and styles. The evolutions of trends tend to evolve over a decade, then a new style starts being adopted and the evolution process starts again. We want our customers to love their new season’s products and enjoy them for years to come.




Discovering trends

Our product and design team find emerging trends through many different avenues. From online trend reports, overseas retailers, fashion colours, blogs and more. The process is thorough and requires a talented creative team to pull a complete look together.



From Trends Boards to Products

Just like a vision board, we create trend boards each season with visual inspiration for key colours, patterns and textures found through the discovery process. The seasonal trend boards are finalised around nine months prior to products landing online and in stores, to allow us time to design and develop a collection to fit within these looks. Every look is carefully coordinated - bedlinen with sheet sets, cushions with throws, dinnerware with napery, and towels with bathroom accessories. We want to ensure this process makes it easy to create a beautiful co-ordinated look at home.



Trends in the Home

Adding a seasonal product to your home is easier than you might think. You may find a new product fits well with your current home décor, and a small addition like a cushion or throw is all you need to incorporate a new colour or pattern trend into your home. Alternatively, you can select a few key pieces to completely refresh a room to reflect the current trend.


Think seasonally when it comes to some of your textiles and colour scheme. Opt for woollen throws in darker more muted colours for winter, and cotton throws in gentle neutrals for summer. Sometimes the simplest change can make a big impact.