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Style One Quilt Cover 3 Ways

Give your bedroom a new look with three styles using our Metro quilt cover. 



Giving your bedroom a complete makeover using the same quilt cover might be easier than you think. We have three beautiful styles using one of our most popular quilt covers, Metro. The timeless waffle design of our Metro quilt cover is the perfect base to create your unique look; the best part is the ability to switch up your cushions and throws to create something new and fresh in your bedroom. It really is that simple.

Earthy Hues 



Create an earthy feel in your bedroom using sun-kissed shades and soft textures. Combine saffron and mulberry hues with a cosy throw for a touch of contrast. Choose two cushions with contrasting textures in similar tones; we love our Stanley Corduroy cushion with our Flinders Linen cushion.


Coastal Shades



With the summer months quickly approaching there’s no better time to give your space a coastal feel. Bring in cool shades of blue influenced by the beauty of Australian beaches with natural fabrics that complement the Metro design. In this look we paired the Peru Check Throw with our Flinders Linen cushion in ink and our Odessa Linen cushion in robin egg.


Splash of Pink



Introduce colour to your bedroom with vibrant additions to brighten up your style. Using the neutral Metro quilt cover as your base, bring in pops of pink to catch the eye and spark interest through patterned throws and textured cushions. We paired the Nellie checked throw in fuchsia with the Amer cushion in fuchsia and the Flinders cushion in Mulberry.


The Metro quilt cover is available in white and silver and the perfect base to create your unique look.