The Benefits of Linen Bedding

Linen sheets and quilt covers have become a classic and versatile choice in recent years - but what makes this fabric so popular for bed linen? Discover the benefits of linen bedding and why it could be the perfect choice for you.

Linen Bed SheetsLinen Bed Sheets

The epitome of relaxed elegance, pure linen bedding has dramatically grown in popularity over the last few years, to the point where it has reached 'summer staple' status. This is largely due to the breathability and absorbency of anything crafted from a linen fabric, keeping you cool and comfortable in the warmer months. This natural fibre also possesses a wonderfully textured, matte finish that looks effortlessly stylish in any bedroom.

Linen Bed SheetsLinen Bed Sheets

What are the benefits of linen bed sheets and quilt covers?

Our pure linen range is made from natural fibres, yarn spun from flax plants grown in regions of France. A luxurious, long-lasting fabric that softens over time, linen is the perfect year-round option due to its moisture wicking properties and breathability.

Linen Bed SheetsLinen Bed Sheets

We've all endured hot nights spent tossing and turning, hoping we'll miraculously drift off to sleep. Sleeping in a hot room with heavy sheets is almost impossible, and linen sheets can go a long way in creating a more comfortable sleeping environment - without having to crank the air conditioning all night long.

Largely due to its lightweight feel, loose weave (allowing air to pass through easily), and highly absorbent linen fibres, this fabric is great for hot sleepers and warmer climates. Linen is a natural insulator, so it is highly effective at regulating your body's heat in summer, but also keeping you warm in winter. Similar to cotton sheets, linen will absorb heat from your body, drawing it away from the skin. This acts like a natural insulator, allowing you to maintain a comfortable temperature as you sleep.

Our pure linen sheets are also hypoallergenic and bacteria resistant, making them great for those with allergies or sensitive skin.

Linen Bed SheetsLinen Bed Sheets
Linen SheetsLinen Sheets

A linen quilt cover or linen sheet set is a great option if you're looking for soft and durable bed linen. Linen is one of the strongest natural textile materials, and not only is it incredibly durable, it will also continue to soften with every wash. With proper care, linen bedding can retain its look and feel for years to come, making it a sustainable investment in both style and comfort. Where other fabrics may thin and fade, linen gets better with age.

With its natural texture and subtle wrinkled appearance, linen brings dimension to any space and pairs beautifully with a range of styles. Whether you're looking to add a modern touch to your bedroom, create a coastal feel, or keep things classic, our Milano linen range will effortlessly blend into any interior. These sheets and quilt covers are also available in a range of colours, allowing you to mix and match to find the perfect look for your space.

Linen Bed SheetsLinen Bed Sheets
Linen Bed SheetsLinen Bed Sheets

Compared to other fabrics that may require harmful chemicals or pesticides for production, linen is a more environmentally friendly, sustainable option. The flax plant from which linen is derived requires minimal water and pesticides to grow, making it a sustainable crop.

Linen is also a timeless option that will not go out of style. While some trends may pass, linen is here to stay. So, when you purchase a linen sheet set or quilt cover, you're investing in bed linen you'll happily keep on your bed for years to come. In turn, you're preventing waste and shopping more sustainably.

Linen Bedding vs Cotton Bedding

Linen bedding boasts so many benefits. However, with so many fabric options out there, it doesn't hurt to get an understanding of how linen compares to other materials; particularly the most popular material for bed linen - cotton.

Whether cotton or linen bed linen is right for you will come down to your personal preferences surrounding texture, temperature, and comfort.

Linen Bed SheetsLinen Bed Sheets
Linen Bed LinenLinen Bed Linen

Linen vs Cotton: Texture & Comfort

The natural texture and crisp, lightweight feel of linen bedding is one of its main appeals. It creates a stunning textured appearance and is great for warmer nights.

However, if you're someone who prefers a smoother sheet set with silk-like softness, cotton may be more suitable for you. In saying this, cotton can vary significantly depending on the weave of the fabric, the quality of yarn, and the thread count.

Find out more about thread count in our blog, Thread Count Explained.

Linen vs Cotton: Temperature

Both linen and cotton are highly effective when it comes to temperature regulation and are great year-round options. Absorbent and breathable, both work to keep you at a comfortable body temperature as you sleep.

Due to its looser weave and incredible moisture wicking capabilities, linen may be slightly more effective when it comes to keeping cool in the height of summer.

On the flip side, cotton comes in various weights and fabrications that can provide superior warmth when compared to linen (such as brushed cotton or flannelette).

Linen Bed SheetsLinen Bed Sheets
Linen Quilt CoversLinen Quilt Covers

Indulge in Natural Comfort with Linen Sheets & Quilt Covers

Our Milano Linen collection includes linen quilt covers and linen sheet sets in a range of colours and sizes to suit any space and aesthetic. Shop the range and mix and match colours to create the ultimate bedroom style.