Discover our Luxurious Velvet Range

Velvet adds an opulent style to any area of your home and there’s nothing more luxurious than a velvet quilt cover in the bedroom or a velvet cushion on the couch.

Velvet Bed Linen


Add an opulent style to any area of your home with the addition of velvet.


There’s nothing more luxurious than a velvet quilt cover or velvet cushions to elevate your space.

What is velvet?

The term ‘velvet’ actually refers to the weave, and not the content of the material: ‘velvet’ can in fact be made from any fibre! Cotton and Polyester are the most common varieties.


Traditionally velvets were made from silk, cotton and linen, however today velvets are made from many varieties and blends of yarn.


Velvet Bed Linen and Velvet Cushions

Exuding opulence and luxury, velvet is wonderfully soft, helping you achieve a restful night’s sleep every night. Our velvet cushions offer a wonderful textured look, comfort, and vibrance when added to your home decor.


Our velvet quilt covers take this sense of luxury to a whole other level. Beautiful to touch and stunning to look at, our velvet duvet covers come in a variety of colours and styles so you can find the perfect option for you. 


*Insider Tip: Make sure the reverse of your velvet quilt cover is 100% pure cotton so that it remains light and breathable against your skin throughout the night.



Don’t compromise on quality when it comes to that luxurious velvet feel! Indulge in the luscious layers of velvet texture so that you can fall asleep in style and wake up feeling well-rested.