The Art of Layering: How to Get Your Bed Winter-Ready

Nothing beats climbing into a warm, cosy bed on a cold winter's night. As the seasons begin to change and the nights start to get that little bit chillier, it's time to fight the cold by adding some soft, snuggly layers to your bed.

Nothing beats climbing into a warm, cosy bed on a cold winter's night. So, as the seasons begin to change and the nights start to get chilly, it's time to fight the cold by adding some soft, snuggly winter layers to your bed.

By adding cosy throws, cushions, coverlets, and bedspreads, you can create a gorgeous layered up bed to transition through the seasons.

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What You’ll Need:

- Soft and Snuggly Bed Sheets
- A Warm Quilt or Duvet
- A Beautiful Cover for your Quilt or Duvet
- Cosy Throws and Winter Blankets
- Patterned Cushions
- Coverlet or Bedspread for extra warmth
- Wool Underblanket or Quilted Mattress Protector
- A Sense of Creativity!

Styling Your Bed with Winter Layers

Think about what is most comfortable and inviting for you. If bright colours are your thing – embrace them and go wild! If you’re more of a minimalist and find calm in simplicity or neutral tones, go with your instincts - keep is simple.

Winter is the perfect time to get creative with your bedroom styling. Add warmth and texture by layering intricate patterns and restful colours to create a soft, inviting space. Snuggly blankets, textured quilts, warm coverlets, patterned cushions, and soft throws are all great layers that you can pile onto your winter bed to create a cosy bedroom atmosphere.

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Insider Tip: Winter doesn't mean that you need to change your colour palette to greys and neutrals if that’s not your thing! If you love a splash of colour, try incorporating warm hues such as plum, terracotta and rose to create a cosy oasis despite the cold outside.

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Flannelette - The Perfect Winter Sheets

If you like a little bit of extra snuggly softness, introduce flannelette sheets to create a blissful base that will keep you warm all winter. Available in a range of patterned sheet sets or plain dye designs, our flannelette is perfect for layering with contrasting colours and patterns to add interest to your overall bedroom look.

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Get creative with clashing patterns for a playful and bold look; or coordinate your sheets to match your quilt cover or bedspread for a cohesive style. Our range of flannelette consists of plain dye and patterned designs, so there is something to suit every preference.

Insider Tip: If flannelette isn't for you, opt for a sheet set with a higher thread count for a warm, luxurious update this season.

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Select your Winter Quilt & Quilt Cover

Now that your sheets are sorted, the next step is to put your lightweight summer quilt back in the cupboard and take out your warm winter quilt. Depending on your preference, choosing the right quilt for you can be difficult. If you’re a cold sleeper and like a little bit of extra warmth, we would recommend either our Luxury Goose Down Quilt or one of our Wool Quilt options. For more trans-seasonal, hypoallergenic, or lightweight options, check out our Quilt Buying Guide to find which option would be right for you.

Pair your quilt or duvet with a beautiful patterned, plain dye, quilted, or flannelette quilt cover for added warmth, colour, and texture.

Insider Tip: We recommend selecting a quilt that is a size up from your bed during the winter season as it creates a lovely drape and makes sure there's plenty to go around if there's more than one person in the bed!

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Add your Top Layers: Coverlets, Bedspreads, Throws, Cushions, and Blankets

Next, drape a coverlet or bedspread on top of your quilt cover to add a lovely texture and additional warmth. A bedspread or coverlet is a great layer to add to your bed during the cooler months as it allows you to easily adjust your temperature throughout the night by adding or removing a layer.

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Finally, it's time to pile on the pillows and finish the look with some textured cushions and a super snuggly throw or blanket for winter.

Insider Tip: If you're still shivering when you hop into bed, grab a hot water bottle or heat pack, some snuggly flannelette pyjamas, and a pair of cuddly slippers. They'll keep you toasty warm as you get in and out of bed and will stop you from turning on the heater and sending your energy bill through the roof!

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Back to Bedding Basics: Underblankets and Mattress Protectors

When updating your bed for the cooler months, it is important to remember that not all layering starts from the quilt cover up! A wool underblanket orquilted cotton mattress protector is the perfect base to start your layering this winter. Providing insulation, warmth and cushioning, this layer will not only protect your mattress but will also keep your body temperature regulated while you sleep.

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