Caring for your Quilts, Pillows, and Bedding Basics

How to Care for Quilts, Pillows, and Bedding Basics

Get the most out of your bedding for longer with our guide to care and maintenance. From pillows and protectors through to quilts, discover our top tips for supporting the longevity and performance of your bedding.

Bedding BasicsBedding Basics

Before Using:

If you’ve just purchased a new pillow or quilt, we recommend removing packaging and giving your items a good shake, fluff, and air before using. This will give any fillings such as feather and down a chance to open and expand.

Before Washing:

It’s so important to remember that fabrics and compositions vary significantly between products, and they don’t all like being treated the same.

To extend the life of your items and keep them looking and feeling wonderful, make sure you check the fibre content and care guidelines before washing or drying. The easiest way to do this is to read the care label on your product, showing instructions for how best to wash, dry, and maintain your bedding.

Bedding BasicsBedding Basics
How to Care for Quilts and DuvetsHow to Care for Quilts and Duvets

Caring for your Quilt or Duvet

Natural fill quilts including cotton, wool, feather and down can be dry cleaned. Should a spill occur, we suggest spot cleaning with a damp cloth and airing the quilt thoroughly. To be sure, always check the care label before cleaning your quilt, duvet, or doona.

The quickest and most effective way to revive your quilt is to air regularly. The best conditions are in sunlight on a breezy day.

During sleep, moisture and oils are naturally absorbed into your quilt or duvet. Over time, this tends to build and “smother” the filling which causes it to clump and lose its loft. Airing your quilt regularly will dry out any moisture, allowing the fibres to open.


After airing, give your quilt a good shake and fluff before making your bed to ensure the fibres are at their maximum loft. This will allow them to capture and retain more body heat for a warm and cosy night’s sleep. Doing this regularly will extend the life and performance of your quilt.

Our microfibre quilts are machine washable, but just like natural fibre quilts, should be aired regularly to release any moisture absorbed through use (we recommend every 6-8 weeks).

Quilts and DuvetsQuilts and Duvets
Mattress TopperMattress Topper

Caring for your Mattress Protector, Mattress Topper, or Underblanket

Our mattress protectors vary in fabrication, so be sure to check the label prior to washing. Most are hand or machine washable on a cold or warm gentle cycle. Do not tumble dry, line dry in shade.  

We recommend that you fluff and air underblankets and mattress toppers regularly to keep them fresh, soft, and lofty. To ensure they wear evenly, rotate them on your bed regularly.

Our mattress protectors, underblankets, and mattress toppers are dry cleanable and may be machine washed.

However, due to their size and weight, we recommend professional laundering in a large capacity machine.

Before using or storing, ensure your items are fully dry to avoid moisture build up and maintain loft. 

Wool UnderblanketWool Underblanket

Caring for your Pillows

Using a pillow protector is a simple yet effective way to ensure your pillow remains fresh and clean for longer, extending the life of your pillow dramatically.

Like our quilts and duvets, we recommend regularly fluffing and airing to keep your pillows fresh, soft, and lofty. They will also require different types of care depending on their fill and fabric.

Down and Feather pillows are to be dry cleaned only. Fluff and air these pillows before use, after dry cleaning, and regularly in between.

Our Hollowlight pillows require a warm hand wash. Rinse well and do not tumble dry or dry clean.

Memory Foam and Wool Blend pillows are to be spot cleaned only, aired regularly, and never dry cleaned.

Our Microfibre pillow is machine washable. Either a warm hand wash or gentle machine wash is recommended. Line dry in the shade, or tumble dry on a low heat setting, turning frequently. Do not dry clean and be sure to fluff and air regularly.


Still unsure?

For tips on finding the best quilt or pillow, view our buying guides to explore our full range and discover the benefits of each product.

When it comes to selecting or caring for your bedding, it’s always best to ask! We want you to find the perfect product for you and ensure it delivers quality and comfort for years to come. If our product care label or the guide above hasn’t answered your questions, either head in store or contact one of our customer service representatives for further assistance. If in doubt, reach out.