How to Style Pattern on Pattern

How to Style Pattern on Pattern

Let your inner creative run wild with our playful range of patterns and prints. Discover our top tips for layering, mixing, and matching patterns to create the perfect look for your home.

Pattern Play at HomePattern Play at Home

Playing around with pattern is the perfect way to create interest and reenergise your space. Whether you’re layering bed linen or creating a bold tablescape, bursts of pattern can bring a sense of playfulness and fun into any home.

To help you strike the perfect balance between bold and harmonious, we spoke to our team of stylists to gather their top tips for working with pattern.

Pattern Bed LinenPattern Bed Linen

Tip 1: Pick a Hero

Start by picking a fabric that you love and let it guide your surrounding pattern choices. Try to pull out similar feature colours and select contrasting patterns that will pair without matching too closely (as we’ll explore below).

Tip 2: Scale is Key

When pairing different patterns, playing with scale can result in a sense of balance and harmony. Layering large-scale patterns with small and medium-scale patterns will ensure that they complement each other, rather than clashing or competing.

Patterned Sheets and Quilt CoversPatterned Sheets and Quilt Covers
How to Style Pattern on PatternHow to Style Pattern on Pattern

Tip 3: Focus on Contrast

Try to mix geometric patterns such as checks and stripes with organic patterns such as florals. Different pattern types will naturally balance, while similar looking patterns will fight for attention. This also creates visual depth, bringing together flowing, intricate designs and simple geometrics.

Tip 4: Connect with Colour

Working with colours in similar tones or hues can tie your overall look together. Additionally, blocks of solid colour can break up a pattern-heavy space, creating a sense of harmony and giving the eye a rest.

Pattern CushionsPattern Cushions
How to Style Pattern on PatternHow to Style Pattern on Pattern

Tip 5: Be Bold!

Styling with pattern is all about playfulness and self-expression. When finding the right combinations for your home, have fun with it! Being brave and experimenting is part of what makes layering patterns so joyful, and often the best feeling spaces have this sense of play at their core.

Generally, you’ll be drawn to items with a similar look and feel that will naturally go together. So, embrace your style and lean into it. Following the tips above, pair your patterns together to create a space that reflects you and your personal style.

Pattern PlayPattern Play

At Bed Bath N’ Table we’re obsessed with colour and pattern. Each season, our in-house design team work to create unique prints for our bed linen and homewares that catch the eye and appeal to our customers personal sense of style.

Discover our wide range of patterned designs to add vibrance and breathe new life into your home.